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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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I am interested in becoming a Consortium Liaison and I would like any of the following roles: •DJ & OP Planning
Tracking & Providing Updates to CGSM
Mentor Matching & Recruitment Coordination

I have the experience, skills and passion to excel in any of the above roles. Gaining admission to 4 colleges (2 Ivys) all with aid shows my understanding of the applications process and ability to give top effort towards an objective. Facilitating all department initiatives for 2 years at New York Life shows my ability to gain management trust and work well, absent supervision. Managing a 25-man fraternity chapter, 100-person club and a 200-man choir for over four years shows my attention to detail, leadership abilities and resource management skills. Winning the SCJ case competition and becoming the VP for BGBA and JCF shows my ability to hit the ground running and make immediate progress.

Skills and experience aside, I really want to be a Consortium liaison because I have experienced, first hand, the value of the Consortium’s hand of assistance. As a fellowship recipient, I have direct perspective regarding the privileges of Consortium membership. My membership has opened doors for me that otherwise would have remained closed. My experience with the Consortium has helped me tremendously and I almost feel obliged to work hard to enable the same for those coming behind. I want to help future students. I want to tell my story and encourage the next business leader who will attend and graduate from Johnson. I want to add to the experience of my JGSM classmates, serve as a building block for them and ultimately justify their reason for choosing this community & school in the first place.

Secondly, I have a passion for assisting others. In my Consortium essay, I wrote of the years I spent as an advisor of a high school boys club that advocated academic achievement, serving the local community and using peer mentorship to build a support platform for...
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