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How to Compile Your
What is the CDA Professional Resource
 A collection of 17 specific resource materials to help you in your work with children and families
 A way to provide experience in locating and gathering resources useful to your daily practice
 One part of the CDA assessment process and a CDA program requirement
 A way for you to demonstrate your competence
 A way for the National CDA Council to evaluate your competence  A way for you to show the National CDA Council who you are and what you value in your work with children and families
 An opportunity to reflect on and describe your personal view on working with children and families
What Does the CDA Professional Resource
File Contain?
 Autobiography (300-600 words):
Your autobiography describes who you are and why you chose to work with young children.
 Documentation of required CDA training (120 hours) and work experience (480 hours).
 Six Competency Goal statements (250-500 words):
The statements describe what you do with young children, why you do it, and how you incorporate these practices into your daily routines.
 Resource Collection (17 items):
The Resource Collection shows the seventeen resource items
requested by the National CDA Council, arranged by competency goal areas and numbers.
Organizing the Professional Resource File
 The CDA Professional Resource File is typically organized in a 4-5 inch 3-ring binder, with divider sections and plastic sleeve-protectors to hold your autobiography, documentation of training and work experience, your competency statements, and the seventeen resources. You will need the following materials for your Professional Resource File:

 4 or 5 inch 3-ring binder
 6 tabbed dividers (buy the kind that are already 3-hole punched)  25-35 plastic sleeve protectors
 A pack of stick-on tabs in at least 7 different colors
 A pack of stick-on white mailing labels
An alternate way to organize your Professional Resource File is to use a sturdy hanging file box. For this, you will need the file box, hanging file folders in 7 different colors, tabs, and stick-on white mailing labels.

 Organize seven sections in your Resource File. The first section is for your Autobiography and documentation of training and work experience. Each of the following sections is for one of the six Competency Areas.  In each of the Competency Area sections, start with your Competency Statement followed by all of the resources required for that competency area. Each item should be labeled and numbered, tabbed with the same color tabs, and placed in your Resource File in order.

 We recommend that your Professional Resource File be arranged in the following order:
 Cover page
 Autobiography
 Documentation of CDA Training:
For students in the ND CCR&R CDA Training Program, this is the certificates you receive as you complete each module of this course or your ND CCR&R transcript. If you took the courses for college credit, use your college transcript showing credits for the CDA courses as documentation.

 Documentation of Work Experience:
If you are a family/group child care provider, document your work experience with copies of your scheduling calendar and your previous year’s tax return. If you work in a center or Head Start program, ask your director to print a copy of your work hours on letterhead, and sign it.  First Section Divider**

 Competency Goal Statement 1
 Resources for Goal Statement 1
 Second Section Divider
 Competency Goal Statement 2
 Resources for Goal Statement 2
 Third Section Divider… and so on through Competency Goal 6 **NOTE that each section uses one color to tab each item included in the section. These are just examples – you can pick any colors you want. However, it is recommended to color-code each section so that the national CDA representative can easily find the items you are required to gather and organize.  Most...
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