Internal Mangement

Topics: United States dollar, United States, ISO 4217 Pages: 4 (460 words) Published: May 26, 2012
International Management, 7e (Deresky)

1) Which of the following is characterized by networks of international linkages that bind countries, institutions, and people in an interdependent global economy?
A) ethnocentrism
B) nationalization
C) governmentalism
D) globalization
Answer: D
Diff: 1Page Ref: 6
Chapter: 1
Skill: Concept

2) All of the following factors contribute to globalization EXCEPT ________.
A) advancements in technology
B) rise of developing economies
C) higher number of trade restrictions
D) increased flow of labor and capital
Answer: C
Diff: 2Page Ref: 6
Chapter: 1
Skill: Concept

3) Which of the following is the most highly globalized in regards to economic integration, technological connectivity, personal contact, and political engagement?
A) Singapore
B) Denmark
C) New Zealand
D) United States
Answer: A
Diff: 1Page Ref: 8
Chapter: 1
Skill: Concept

4) Most small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are ________.
A) competing only on the local level due to technological and financial constraints
B) investing heavily in world markets by offshoring their labor activities
C) contributing to their national economies through exporting
D) attempting to avoid becoming globalized too quickly
Answer: C
Diff: 3Page Ref: 10
Chapter: 1
Skill: Concept

5) Gayle Warwick Fine Linen owes its success as a global business primarily to the firm's ________.
A) large staff in England
B) labor outsourcing in Vietnam
C) management by a French retail expert
D) marketing message in the United States
Answer: B
Diff: 2Page Ref: 10
Chapter: 1
Skill: Application

6) Which of the following are the three dominant currencies in the world today?
A) British pound, U.S. dollar, Hong Kong dollar
B) Swiss franc, Japanese yen, British pound
C) Euro, Japanese yen, U.S. dollar
D) Euro, U.S....
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