Principles of Mangement

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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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December 12, 2012
Smith Widgets Inc.
* As a turn around specialist, I enjoy the challenge and helping troubled businesses to succeed again. The reason I am qualified to work as a turn around specialist is because: I am determined and self-disciplined. Being a Charismatic transformational leader, I can inspire and motivate employees. Furthermore, I can clearly communicate my vision and make decisive decision when it comes to problem solving. I am confident, quick to learn, and adapt new ideas that can help me succeed in turning around a troubled business or company. Most importantly, I am a man of transparency, honesty, openness, trustworthy, integrity, and accountability. There are no grey areas in my strategies while turning around and practicing healthy business ethics are big part of my life. * Based on my research, the company is deeply rooted incorporated culture and very traditional. I understand this is going to be quite challenging to turn the company around. For instance, the company does not have a human resources depart and its employees are not used to new digital technology and so forth. It does not have a communication a system and the organizational structure is not apparent. Besides, * Considering the above problems, I realize the company needs some radical changes. Firstly, I will write a clear and concise organizational objective to emphasis and communicate to my employees that why it is important to turn around the company from its current situation. Besides, I will create new polices and strategies to achieve my objectives. Secondly, I will establish an H.R department in order to set up teams and assign them authorities and responsibilities. For instance, the H.R department will be responsible to hire, train, and retain employees. By sharing the burden with H.R department, I will have more time to leverage my intellectual capital to inspire, motivate, and empower those who work under my leadership. As for who to pick as my...
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