Intro to Mangement

Topics: Management, Standardization, Test method Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Unit 6 Control
Sandwich Blitz
Stephanie Schroeder
Introduction to Management
Kaplan University

How can Lei apply the four step control system outlined in the text to address the problem of misreporting hours? Lei can apply a control system by using these four steps setting performance standards, measuring performance, comparing performance against the standards and determining changes, taking action to correct problems and reinforce successes. Lei can apply all the four control steps by setting performance standards Lie can set the standard performance for achieving organizational goals. Standards can be set on departmental level such as financing, operating, legal etc. Performance standards are set to compare it with the actual performance and to be able to take action when necessary. Measuring performance after setting performance standard for Sandwich Blitz Inc., compare it with the actual performance. In this situation produced and working hours can be reported in the time sheet can be evaluated and changes can be made. Comparing performance against the standards and determining changes after evaluating the actual performance by employees, it must be compared with standard performance. If the changes exists determine the cause of the change. In this situation if produced is less than standard than determine the reason for change by inquiring supervisors. Taking action to correct problems and reinforce successes after comparing & determining the correct actions that must be taken immediately by the management. In this case Lie should take corrective action by modifying or updating the employee handbook, and have meetings when necessary so in return this will not happen in the future. I feel if Lei applies this practice to Sandwich Blitz. This will help the business to become a stronger financially, which in return this will help the business expand. Having polices in place this will also eliminate any confusing and chaos between the upper...
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