Health and Social Care

Topics: Abuse, National Health Service, Crime Pages: 9 (2693 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Name: James A Cooke
Course: MVQ Level 2
Assessor: Charlotte Andrews
Document Name: Winterbourne



In real life, experiences become meaningful with reflection in time, however at Winterbourne in real life, their experiences were real the moment they happen and the sad thing was, there was no one to help them. On film, if we see anything like we now know what happen to people at Winterbourne we would react immediately with emotion, perhaps even pondering how could anyone do that to another human being?.

What happened at Winterbourne View hospital was horrifying for both the patients and their families. The abuse that took place at Winterbourne View was criminal. The staff whose jobs were to care and help patients were shown to be abusing them. Six former members of staff at Winterbourne View hospital were jailed for the terrible crimes they committed * The patients experienced emotional abuse. For example – shouts of abuse to a point where; the content of words used were so harsh, hurtful and the only way to describe such words are as such as that they were an expression of anger administered to vulnerable people to a point that the staff worked themselves into a state of rage which then could only be substituted by, physical abuse. * The patients experienced such physical abuse, not just to the point of pushing them around, they were beaten, restrained on the floor by numerous people, the full extent of physical abuse may never be known.

There was a clear failure by the care home to provide the service governed by CQC, but the Serious Case Review showed that there was a wider failure across the whole system. The higher levels of management showed nothing but contempt for the young adults within the service setting which almost filtered down to SCW’s working within the organisation. When such failures happen, there should be consequences for everyone involved. The plans to change the law (or regulatory framework) will mean that Boards, Directors and Managers who run hospitals or care homes where abuse takes place will face consequences. This will send out a strong message to Boards, Directors and Managers that the care and wellbeing of people they care for is their responsibility. This piece of written work is not in any way to attribute blame to any organisation, on the contrary after reading many reports on this subject it is to try to establish failings within the system, failings which could benefit individuals from its findings and therefor create a more stable environment. Any person coming into this industry must therefore examine their motive, if it’s for financial reward then I believe this to be a wrong reason, this type of work has a greater calling. -------------------------------------------------

2. Things need to change

Paul Burstow was the Minister of State for Care Services at the time that the abuse came to light.

Paul Burstow asked Department of Health (DH) officials to carry out a full review into what happened at Winterbourne View hospital.

The report was called.
Transforming care: A national response to Winterbourne View Hospital Paul Burstow quotes;
“What happened at Winterbourne View hospital was terrible, but we must use it to push for change. This review is a key part of making that change happen.” Unquote. The question is “Why did it take so long”? And why wasn’t any action taken when the...
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