Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care

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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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Principles of safeguarding and protection in Health and Social Care Unit 204
Level 2
NDAQ number A/601/8574


Know how to recognise signs of abuse

Definition of physical abuse
Physical abuse is non-accidental pain or injury inflicted on a service user by a health or care worker. This can include hitting, shaking, rough treatment or inappropriate use of restraint.

Definition of Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse usually refers to any sexual activity that is unwanted and is inflicted by physical force or other methods of coercion such as threats or intimidation. Definition of Emotional/Psychological Abuse

This refers to the psychological or emotional exploitation of the relationship between a care worker/person and a service user. Definition of Financial Abuse
Financial abuse covers any way that a care worker unlawfully uses his or her relationship with the service user for financial gain. Definition of Institutional Abuse
institutional abuse: when the lifestyles of individuals are sacrificed in favour of the rituals, routines and/or restrictive practices of the home or care setting. Definition of Self Neglect
Self-neglect is the inability to care for one's own basic needs, including health, welfare and safety, personal hygiene and failure to self medicate. Definition of Neglect by others
Is not providing reasonable, appropriate or agreed care or a failure to act in a way that any reasonable person would act.


Signs and Symptons of Physical Abuse:
1 Injuries that are not fully explained
2 Person exhibiting untypical self harm
3 Unexplained bruising
4 Unexplained burns
5 Unexplained fractures
6 Unexplained cuts or scratches
7 Medical conditions which are not treated
8 Sudden or unexplained incontinence
9 Evidence of over or under medication
10 Person flinches at physical contact
11 Person appears frightened or subdued in the presence of particular people 12 Person may ask not to be hurt
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