This Should Not of Happened to Peter Connelly

Topics: London Borough of Haringey, Social work, Death of Baby P Pages: 6 (2259 words) Published: March 24, 2013
This should not of happened to Peter Connelly – By Jonathan Pinder Born 1st March, 2006, Peter Connelly “Baby P” was only three months old when his natural father walked out after the mother; Tracey Connelly began an affair with Steven Barker, a racist thug obsessed with Nazi memorabilia and pornography. This was the start of the end for such a beautiful little innocent boy! In the world we live in today this should NEVER have happened! So many things should never have slipped through the net and gone un-noticed. The professionals where the only people that could of saved this poor little boy’s life, they had the words! They had the means! And they had the power to stop this. But instead Fifteen month-old 'Baby P' was left to die at the hands of his mother and stepfather because of catastrophic blunders by doctors, police and the same Haringey Borough Council who so disastrously failed to help nine year-old Victoria Climbié ten years earlier. Rather than resign in shame, doctors and social workers have fallen over each other to blame others and keep their jobs. And so it begins!

In November 2006, Tracey Connelly’s new boyfriend, Steven Barker, moved in with her and shortly after the new lover moved into the family home in Finsbury Park, north London, Peter was seen with bruises and scratches on his skin on a visit to his GP Dr Jerome Ikwueke. This is when the excuses and lies began; Tracey Connelly’s excuse was that the boy's skin 'bruised easily.’ But no sooner had Peter visited the Doctors, Peter was taken to Whittington hospital with a head injury, bruising to the bridge of the nose, sternum, right shoulder and buttocks and when Tracey was asked about finger-marks on Peters body, the mother said they were from 'holding him and throwing him up in the air.'(Excuse and lie number 2) She also claimed that Peter, now only 9 months old, liked 'rough and tumble play’ (Excuse and lie number 3) when she was under police questioning on suspicion of assault. This is where Haringey social services placed Peter on the 'at risk' register and visited the family home to find it filthy and smelling of urine. Is this acceptable for a baby?? Was this question asked?? Yes it was and they came to the conclusion to let Peter stay with Angela Godfrey, a church going therapist and Tracey Connelly's best friend, instead of a foster carer. Why a friend of the mother who has just been questioned on suspicion of assaulting Peter and who’s house was so filthy? But within just a month, on January 26, 2007, with no decision made on any charge against the mother, Peter was allowed back home! Mistake 1 and the first of many! On April 9TH, Peter was taken to hospital with a large swelling to his head and bruises to his eyes and cheek. Despite the injuries – which Tracey Connelly claimed were caused by another boy pushing him into a fireplace (Excuse and lie number 4) - doctors focused on treating the boy for possible symptoms of meningitis. While at hospital Tracey Connelly told staff 'I had been told in March that if there were any more accidental injuries they were going to take him away.' Was this Tracey’s way of asking for help? If so why wasn’t this followed up? Well it was and social services took no action other than to buy the family a fireguard. A fireguard??? Then on June 1st the social worker made an unannounced visit to the home and found Peter with bruises under the chin and a red line under his eye. Tracey Connelly claimed that another 18 month-old child had hit the boy during a squabble (Excuse and lie number 5). Tracey Connelly was ordered to take him to hospital. An examination by doctors revealed more bruising in 12 different areas of his body including a 'grip mark' on his leg. Tracey Connelly was interviewed by police four days later but again released on bail for the second time. Disregarding the mounting evidence, it was decided jointly by police and social services to allow Peter home on condition his care was supervised by Angela...
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