Goal Achieving Analysis

Topics: Meaning of life, Life, Philosophy of life Pages: 4 (1419 words) Published: December 25, 2011
To achieve anything, whether mundane or unearthly, the primary and crucial step is to set out with a clear-cut goal or goals before us. No one has ever hit the mark without taking an aim. Even when the pathways are not clear to us, the destination must be clear. There are goals as varied as human nature, but we can classify them in the order of significance or value calculated to give meaning and purpose to human existence. Motivational psychology has also tried to classify human goals in terms of man's psychobiological needs and drives. For most men the instant drive is toward his so-called primary goals which cater to his immediate personal needs. They do not directly subscribe to the ultimate goal of man's endeavour as acknowledged in the highest tradition of supreme achievement. This first category obviously covers health, education, good social relationship, finance, career, etc. Once these are satisfied, there may arise "higher" needs. Thus a second category of goal crystallizes. The life energy is now directed to achieving efficiency and excellence which could ensure satisfaction derived from personal development. The intelligent and well-informed people are geared to the second category of goal, viz., self-development and achieving distinction in one's own field of endeavour. But these fall short of the "Highest" possibilities awaiting human evolution. The penultimate goal being of refined or ethereal nature, it cannot be defined in hard-and-fast terms. And yet, some ideas must be crystallized—not rigidly concretized—if they are to become the very target of the whole life's discipline. Among the Theosophical Ideals, there stand out the great philanthropists, the Elder Brothers of humanity known as the Masters of Wisdom and of Compassion. Therefore, the final aim for a true seeker is to become an efficient "beneficiary." "To be of service to others is the most satisfying motto in the life of a student-seeker." The humanistic...
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