Topics: Employment, Departments of France Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: May 29, 2013
1. Your first task is to determine the structure of the DEPARTMENTS and EMPLOYEES tables and its contents. 2. The HR department wants a query to display the last name, job code, hire date, and employee number for each employee, with employee number appearing first. Provide an alias STARTDATE for the HIRE_DATE column. 3. The HR department needs a query to display all unique job codes from the EMPLOYEES table. 4. The HR department wants more descriptive column headings for its report on employees. Name the column headings Emp #, Employee, Job, and Hire Date, respectively. 5. The HR department has requested a report of all employees and their job IDs. Display the last name concatenated with the job ID (separated by a comma and space) and name the column Employee and Title. 6. To familiarize yourself with the data in the EMPLOYEES table, create a query to display all the data from that table. Separate each column output by a comma. Name the column title THE_OUTPUT.

The HR department needs your assistance with creating some queries. 1. Due to budget issues, the HR department needs a report that displays the last name and salary of employees who earn more than $12,000. (6 rows) 2. Create a report that displays the last name and department number for employee number 176. (1) 3. The HR departments needs to find high-salary and low-salary employees. Display the last name and salary for any employee whose salary is not in the range of $5,000 to $12,000. (55) 4. Create a report to display the last name, job ID, and start date for the employees with the last names of Matos and Taylor. Order the query in ascending order by start date. 5. Display the last name and department number of all employees in departments 20 and 50 in ascending alphabetical order by name. 6. Display the last name and salary of employees who earn between $5,000 and $12,000 and are in department 20 or 50. Label the columns Employee...
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