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WaypointHR is an Open Source human database. It provides organizations with a free, immediate and flexible Human Resource Management System (HRIS).

WaypointHR is software that:

* Fully editable employee records
* Retain similar information on all employees
* Create company records on staff data
* Instant search facility for employees by name
* View historical employee data
* Create company report on staff data
* Provide comprehensive employee records like, personal details, working hours, role, job and department data, emergency contacts, employment contract records information, company property record.

* Store unlimited no of employee records
* Record employment start and end details
* Review current employment details
* Dynamic employee directory

Besides that,
* A simple set-up software that quick to download
* Simple setup installation
* Quick and easy get started process
* quick and efficient to access employee records
* easy to use and input employee data
* comprehensive employee information records
* software customization available
* easy to understand company set-up
* it is low cost hosting where online web access to employee data 24/7 * access from any computer or laptop anytime
* competitively priced
* secure passwords protected user login

Why choose WaypointHR?

WaypointHR is software that is flexible in employee recording, performance appraisals, absence, and exit interviews. Besides that, it is easier to get started and no technical skills are required. Furthermore, this software is free user manuals, learning material and tutorials. The good thing about this software is that it is free software, where we can download, install, and use on own server. The web option includes daily backups, off site data storage and encryption. WaypointHR is scalable for growing organizations where it is...
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