Traveler Import Cars Inc.

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  • Published : February 16, 2009
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Problem statement
1.although company has been existed for five years and key supervisory and managerial personnel was stuffed, running the Traveler Import Cars, Inc still took Beryl's time as that times as company was new. 2.decisions were not implemented according Beryl's requirement 3.goals weren't clearly defined from superiors

4.organizational structure was too complicated and appeared to be confusing 5.lack of communications between offices, also supervisors didn't keep their subordites informed in proper ways 6.untrained and unexperienced persons in managerial and supervisory positions 7.any periodic formal appraisal of performance was missing

8.absence of framework of reward system
9.indisciplinated employees with regulary absenteeism
10.problematic operational control system in lower levels in organization 11.process of selection for managerial positions was failed

1.Beryl still felt that she had to hard work as when dealership was new. Her effort to kept company running consumed all of her time despite of fact that in company was personnel responsible for most of decisions. She was unhappy with how the company run only with her contribution. 2.Company had regular management meetings and every decision was reached on it, but after all decisions were never implemented with managers in right way. Programs were initiated, but were frequently permitted to drift and desappear. Also important deadlines were being missed with increasing frequency. 3.Goals and objectives weren't clearly defined and nobody knew what was that managers actually wanted. Secondly, nobody knew how to set goals. Company didn't have any philosophy of setting goals. Should objectives be specify only by supervisor or employee's contributon is necessitated? 4.Number of individuals had to report to two or more supervisors. No employee knew who exatly was his direct supervisor and to whom should he report. 5.Many times occurs that one office didn't get right...
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