Cheep Chineese Mobile Market

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Executive Summary
The assignment based on cannibalizing mobile phone in industry between Cheep Chinese Branded Phones on Branded Phones. According to university research the major revenue comes to a mobile company from low end markets which is penetrating by cheep Chinese branded phones. The assignment provides information and data set of the Demand of branded mobile phones and cheap chineese mobile phone, Micheal Porters Porters 5 force analysis, SWOT abalysis of branded phones and cheap Chinese branded phones, Brand image positioning and features positioning of branded phones and cheap Chinese brand phones and Life cycle of both phones. To make a fair comparison between branded phones and cheap Chinese branded phones the study brought up to some mobile dealers and consumers to explore their views and perception of branded phones and cheap Chinese branded phones. The study will ensure all available branded phones and cheap Chinese branded phones are taken in to consideration to get the maximum output of the study. A similar example has shown in the past what has happened to cheep brands Based on the findings suitable marketing strategies developed to retain the market share by navigating how to develop sustainable advantage in current market. Also what are the entry barriers could be imposed by branded mobiles to prevent cheap Chinese branded phones. Finally assignment concluded by referring the pros and cons of the study to take management decision to sustainable development of branded mobiles to stop cannibalizing. A narrow area of history of mobile phones discussed to revitalize how the branded phones developed the brand name and their innovation brought up to the society.

1. Introduction
Presently Srilanka mobile phone industry became the vast industry because many people prefer to use mobile phones. There was a time mobile phone used as a prestige devise while srilankan first mobile introduced in 1980’s by Celltel Servise provider the model Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. When we see the innovation of mobile phones the first cellular network in the world was built in 1977 in Chicago. In 1979 a cellular network (the 1G generation) was launched in Japan. The initial launch network covered the full metropolitan area of Tokyo's over 20 million inhabitants. Within five years Japan and became the first nation-wide 1G network. Several other countries also launched 1G network in the early 1980s including in Europe and States. In 1983 Motorola introduced the famous first hand-held mobile phone Motorola DynaTAC. In the 1990s’ the second generation 2G mobile phone systems emerged. Two systems competed for supremacy in the global market and the European developed GSM standard and the U.S. developed CDMA standard. As begin of the 2G network more players came in to market with different patterns of Handy phones The first pre commercial trial network with 3G was launched by in Japan in the Tokyo region in 2001. Upon that mobile phone usage drastically improved with function of using Internet on the phone. While the mobile internet opened progressing the phones market started to grab the attention of youths. In 2009 3G networks inundated by the growth of bandwidth concentration applications like streaming media. Result of that 4G technologies innovated with the promise of High speed improvements up. Even there are strong innovative history holds by branded phones in giving innovative products the threat of new etrance of Cheap Chinese brand phones duplication the same features of branded...
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