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Marketing strategy of a company in a new country plays a vital role in determining its future in that country. SYMPHONY, a Chinese origin mobile phone which entered Bangladesh market in the year 2008 focused to capture the market with its low pricing; exclusive features and designs challenging the renowned existing brands that took hold of a large market share during that period. SYMPHONY adapted to the Bangladeshi conditions and with its wide range of promotional campaigns became successful to target mostly the low-end users who preferred more features at low prices rather than having known brands which sold for double the prices of Chinese origin sets but had less features. SYMPHONY developed an extensive distribution network to reach out to mass people all across the country. To discuss the branding strategies of SYMPHONY, we consider the simple concept of 4P’s namely product (customization), price, place (distribution) and production.


Symphony Mobile Phone, one of the popular mobile phone brands in Bangladesh. Because of its unique propositions Symphony Mobile now occupies good position in Bangladesh mobile market according to market share. Innovation and exclusive design clearly differentiate Symphony from other brands available in the market. The brand has launched the first ever branded dual sim phone in the country. Continuing with the same trend of delivering breakthrough products, Symphony Mobile launched X110, Bangladesh's first ever QWERTY keyboard phone with Track ball.

Product level:
The core:
Creating communications is the core value of SYMPHONY mobile phones.

The actual product:
Features: It offers attributes like dual sim; MP3/MP4, FM radio, GPRS, EDGE, call and sim block option, QWERTY keypad and browsing applications which are considered as its actual value. Branding: Prominent logo written in modern bold font with the catchphrase “New Experience” Styling: Uniquely designed handsets with trendy designs and very cool models of SYMPHONY phones have gained great acceptance in the country.

Augmented product:
SYMPHONY provides an after sales service of 1 year warranty, instructions on how to use the device, customer care services such free service check up and free down loads. [pic]

Product Feature:

SYMPHONY is the first brand in Bangladesh to launch the first ever branded dual sim phone in the country. Continuing with the same trend of delivering breakthrough products, SYMPHONY mobile launched X110, Bangladesh’s first ever Qwerty keyboard phone with ultra smooth trackball navigation which eased handset operation and explorations. SYMPHONY since its launch has been offering handsets with a wide range of features with every new model that it comes up with in the market.

SYMPHONY mobile phones consists of multifunctional features such as the dual sim, camera, FM radio, MP3/MP4 players, Qwerty keypad, GPRS, long lasting battery, WiFi, Yamaha Amplifier, games and lots of latest browsing applications.

Moreover lately a lot of new products of SYMPHONY have been introduced which include full touch screen and smart phones.

A few common features of SYMPHONY are shown below in a table:

|Features |Symphony |
|1.Sim |dual sim dual standby |
|2.Camera |good |
|quality | |
|3.Design |Exclusive and trendy |
|4.Call block option |Available |
|5.Internet |Available |
|6.FM radio |Available |
|7.Price |low |...
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