Smar Phone Market

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Report about Smartphone Market

P2 Present complex internal business information using three different methods appropriate to the user’s needs

In this report I will be evaluating the investigation into Smartphone market, showing the various as Smartphone phones in market

I present this report to Scot Haragan about the internal business information in the subject of the mobile phone market.

Terms of Reference

The smart phone markets for mobiles include very big company such as apple, Samsung and htc etc. All phones have different features so the market forces many people to buy smart phones to buy the latest phones due to the specifications of each phone in market. The Apple Company has got different types of devices I phone 5 these are the new items in the Mobile phone Technology. Samsung have also got new items on stock such as Samsung Galaxy S3.everyone wanted to have the smart phones because they wanted to have the latest technology

We have used these websites to find information about the smart phone market. . This web site used for our PowerPoint presentation .

← - The definition of OS Smartphone's are mobile phones with an own operating system (OS). The difference between Smartphone and a normal phone is that except the OS, smart phones have more features – PDA (Personal Digital assistant, Navigation, web browsers, touch screens etc.)

← ..... - UK shares the graph is from Guardian by Kantar World panel ComTech and clearly shows the rising of Android and how people prefer it instead of Apple or the other ones.

← - the last graphs, sales prediction etc. According to IDC for worldwide Smartphone sales the Samsung and Apple are the most popular phones....
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