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1. In each of the following sentences underline the verb or verb and identify the form/ tense used.

a) We never go to the theatre these days.
Present Simple
b) We are saving up to travel abroad
Present Perfect Continuous
c) We have already been to Europe.
Past Perfect
d) We didn’t have enough money to go further.
Past Simple
e) We had spent all our savings by the end of the summer. Past Perfect
f) We had been sleeping rough for several weeks when the weather turned colder. Past Perfect Continuous
g) This year I ‘ve been awarded a travel scholarship
Present Perfect.
h) We are going to travel for six months in Australia and I’m going to write a thesis on the local dialects. Future Continuous.
i) I think we’ll buy a camper van.
Future Simple
j) By the year 2005 I’ll have completed most of my research. Future Perfect.

2. Explaining a difference between these pairs of sentences.

a) I bought a newspaper this morning. ( Action is done now) I’ve bought a newspaper this morning. (Action is done in the past) b) She speaks French.( Stating the fact that she can speak French) She’s speaking French. (At Present she is speaking French)

c) Did you remember to sign the letter?( Confirming whether the action is done) Do you remember signing the letter? (Recalling the memory whether the action is done)

d) He didn’t need to call the doctor. ( It was not required to call the doctor) He needn’t have called the doctor. (It was waste of time to call the doctor)

3. Copy the following words and underline the syllable which carries the main stress.

a) example b) grammar c) referee d) dictionary e) vocabulary f) communication g) authorise h) reference i) authority

4. State the function of the modal verbs underlined in the following-:

a) Hi Joe! I haven’t seen you for a long time. You must have been avoiding me! Must expresses intentionally don’t want to meet or not having enough time to meet. b) Of course not! Nice to see you, Tom, but I can’t stop now. I must catch the early train today. I’ll give you a ring this evening. Can’t expresses lack of time, must expresses important and I’ll expresses contact. c) Fine. We must get together for a game of tennis. You should take a break from work. You will regret it if you don’t enjoy the fine weather, you know, it might rain next week. Must expresses to plan an activity evening. Should express suggestion. Will expresses missing out. Might expresses chances of bad weather. d) Good idea! I should be free tomorrow afternoon. Bye for now! Should express free time available.

5. Underline the “odd one out “in the following groups of words and give your reasons. a) Taken went seen forgotten Simple past Participle b) Bright early good Some Adverb c) Never but unless because Adjective d) Luggage plate cutlery furniture Countable noun e) Rough tough enough cough Irregular and different sound


a) Teaching a class of beginners in their first lesson-:

To teach a class of beginners I will go through a checklist of my questions with previous teacher and inquire about the level and aim of the students and also if any students need extra attention. I will ask if I will be teaching any particular topic or my lesson will be general lesson. Afterwards I will plan my lesson and enter the classroom with a smile and introduce myself. I will start my lesson focusing on knowing my students name. I will do name labels of each students where each student’s name written in big bold letters.

My second activity will be writing ten things about myself on board, example, my name Sunila, Barnet, teacher, married, music ,pet, two daughters, gardening, no 3, cooking etc. I...
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