Celta Assignment 1

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Cambridge CELTA
Written Assignment: Language Related Task (LRT Part 2)
Read all instructions carefully before you start this assignment.

Checking Understanding
Write concept questions for the underlined language items below (together with their expected answers), which could be used in order to check students’ understanding. Draw pictures, diagrams or time-lines where appropriate and remember the basic principles outlined in the concept checking input session. All visuals should include a ‘task’ to involve the students. See the examples overleaf. Complete this assignment on the back of this sheet.

Note: You should assume that the teacher has already attempted to illustrate meaning of each language item through visual or verbal technique (definition, picture, situation, mime, etc.) You are not trying to teach or elicit the target language item, just check understanding.

1. He’s been a policeman for ten years.
2. He was wearing a helmet.
3. I had my photo taken. (the tense is NOT relevant here) 4. Your clothes are filthy!
5. If he’d worked harder, he’d have passed his exams. 6. He travelled around the world on his own.
7. She used to drink coffee.
8. He made up with his girlfriend.

|Concept Questions + Expected Answers |Time-Line, Picture or Diagram | |e.g. She called as soon as she arrived home. | 1 2 | |Did she arrive home? (Yes) |Past X X Now | |Did she call before or after she arrived home? (After) | | |When exactly did she call? (Immediately after) |Is ‘arrived’ action 1 or 2? (1) | | |What is action 2 (She called) | | |How long was there between 1 and 2? (A short time / a moment / | | |seconds) | |e.g. The platform was crowded. |Which ones use a ‘platform’? (train and tube) | |Where can you find a ’platform’? (Station) |( ( ( ( ( ( | |What do you do on a platform? (Take / Wait for the train) | |

Name: ...............................................TP Group: ........... I confirm that this is completely my own work.Signed .........................................

| |Concept Questions + Expected Answers |Time-Line, Picture or Diagram | | |How long has he been a policeman? | | | |Expect answer 10 years |Present Perfect Continuous | |1 |Is he still a policeman? |Past X_______________ Now | | |Yes | | | |For how many years has he been a policeman? |Question:...
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