Cda Learning Activity

Topics: Learning, Child Pages: 3 (327 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Child’s Name____________________________________________ Age______________ Your Name__________________________________________________ Date_______________ ( Fill in the number that tells how important each goal is for you and your child.) Very important……………1

Somewhat important……………...2
Not important……………………..3
I want my child to learn these skills:
1. To climb up and down a climber ____________ 2. To balance on a beam ___________ 3. To throw and catch a ball ___________ 4. To put on a jacket and zip it ___________ 5. To tie or fasten shoes ___________ 6. To cut with scissors ___________ Cognitive

1. To identify colors and basic shapes __________ 2. To sort things that are alike __________ 3. To count __________ 4. To understand that numbers that represent objects __________ 5. To care for plants __________ 6. To care for animals __________ 7. To care for the environment...
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