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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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Competency Statement II
Christian Child Care Providers are knowledgeable and skilled in ways of advancing physical and intellectual competence in children. Competency Statement II-a: Christian teachers provide equipment, activities, experiences and opportunities that promote the physical development of children. Lesson plans for physical development to include equipment, materials, and activity. Game, learning activity, movement activity, puppet. Choose a physical activity. Describe any and all equipment, material, and directions for participation as needed to recreate this physical development activity. Game, learning activity, movement experience, should each be described as to intro and skills that will be developed through the activity. Also, you will need to make your own puppet. Be sure to write down directions and possible uses for this puppet i.e. gross motor, fine motor, eye hand, etc.. Competency Statement II-b: Christian teachers provide activities, experiences and opportunities that promote and encourage exploration, interest, motivation, and problem solving techniques appropriate to the children’s level of achievement. Behavior plan

Classroom success begins with planning and environment. Include a lesson plan with a variety of experiences, any special motivational ideas, etc. Enclose a list of classroom rules, your discipline policy, and your incentive/rewards system that you use in your classroom. Competency Statement II-c: Christian teachers provide opportunities that stimulate interest and participation in expressing creative abilities i.e. music, art, rhythm, sounds, materials, movement and expressions. Create a musical instrument, craft

Make a musical instrument and a craft project. Write up materials needed and directions for both the instrument and craft as well as how they will be used. Competency Statement II-d: Christian teachers provide active opportunities of communication with children supporting the understanding and...
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