Pre-Session Rationale in Teaching

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Pre-Session Rationale

My aim is for my learners to use non traditional methods to challenge preconceptions of drawing. This will be achieved by creating a paper cut-out that demonstrates drawing through new techniques, tools and processes to depict works of art from observation. The activity will create a fun environment, which will subsequently aid learning. This session will help me visually assess learner’s ability to work with equipment and to follow simple instructions. The outcome of this task and the ease in which learners approach the activity will enable me to gain an understanding of the learner’s practical skill capabilities. Equal opportunities are met by this activity and the method is not gender, ethical, moral or socially biased. The use of LSP’s will not be required for this task, though practical assistance will be offered to one learner to assist with her motor skills. Prior to the session I will prepare a PowerPoint presentation that will include relevant visual reference, aims and objectives of the session, the individual task and the final outcome. This resource has been chosen to enable the learners to engage immediately and digest the subject matter. I will be providing the learners with all of the practical equipment and talking them through any health and safety concerns, whilst also providing them with visual handouts providing them with artist reference for their further learning and to also act as inspiration for the activity. As the activity is of a practical nature, I will organise the teaching space so that there are four small working areas so learners can complete the activity in a comfortable environment. By the end of the session, I hope to seek feedback on: verbal communication, presentation skills, time management, display of passion and whether the learners were engaged.
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