Unit 1 – an Introduction to Working with Children

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Unit 1 – An introduction to working with children

E1 – Task: Select three different types of setting from the statutory, voluntary and private sectors for children in your area. Introduction: There are different types of childcare settings for example statutory, voluntary and private. Statutory - This service has to be available by the government or local authorities. An example of a statutory setting in my area is Ravenstone Primary School. Voluntary – This service is provided by organisations such as charities and most of their funding comes from donations. An example of a voluntary setting in my area is The Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust. Private – These are profit-making services. An example of a private setting in my area is Abacus Nursery.

E2 – Task: Give detailed information on how each setting you have selected for E1 support children and their families.

Introduction: Detailed information on how each type of setting identified in E1 supports children and their families. Statutory: Children from the ages of 5 – 11 years can attend Ravenstone Primary School. Their aims include: “Committed to providing an education for the children of Ravenstone which will equip them for the future. 1. We will do this through providing a range of educational, physical, aesthetic and social experiences. 2. These experiences will be of high quality, grounded in high expectations. 3. They will be constantly monitored and evaluated for their effectiveness. 4. They will be provided in an atmosphere conducive to hard work and good relationships between children and between children and adults. The atmosphere will be such that quality is emphasized at all times in terms of work, behavior and ethos, relationships and the environment.” http://www.ravenstoneschool.co.uk/about/show/our_mission 04/10/2012 This setting aims to support children and their families by offering a breakfast and after school facility therefore parents can drop off their child and go work and when finished pick up the child. Private: Children from the ages of 12 months – 5 years can attend Abacus nursery. Their aims include: “We particularly welcome cooperation with Kaleidoscope[->0], a drama and movement program which was tailor made for us. The children will learn role play, to discuss topics, listen to others, and deliver to an audience and the general confidence to help them thrive once they will start primary school. Aspect of the Alexander Technique are also incorporated for their physical and mental wellbeing. We believe that learning should be a pleasurable experience. Children learn best within a stimulating, secure and supportive environment that acknowledges and builds on prior experiences. At Abacus we recognize that children develop at different rates and it is important that the child's individual needs are met. Therefore we ensure careful assessment and monitoring of each child in order for them to reach their full potential. Abacus likes to think that the nursery school is an extension of the home, so it is important that the parents feel included and informed in all areas of the nursery programme. Parents are encouraged to take an active role, this can be anything from supplying empty cereal boxes for junk modeling, reading the children stories ,contributing to cultural events and festivals or joining us on trips and outings. We are very pleased to learn that our children often gain entrance in excellent primary schools, from the independent sector as well as the state sector.” http://www.myabacusnursery.co.uk/aboutus.html - 04/10/2012 This setting aims to support children and their families by offering children a place at the nursery whilst parents can go work and see to their other commitments whilst the children will particate with children, be fed, changed and seen to throughout the day at a set fee per term. Voluntary: Children from under 5s and 16+ can attend The Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust. Their aims include: “The Covent Garden...
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