Drta Lesson Plan

Topics: Books Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: April 22, 2013
DRTA Lesson Plan
Sheila Leguire
RDG 410
April 21, 2013
Professor Becker

DRTA Activity
Grade: 3rd Grade
Book: A TREE OF HOPE, BY Amy Littlesugar and Floyd Cooper
Targeted Grade Level for this DRTA: 3rd grade
Step 1: Motivation and Development of Background
Develop a Tree of Hope with different wishes and hopes that the students have. One item on the Tree of Hope would be what they wanted to be when they grow up. Then I would have them write up a plan on how they would achieve their hopes and dreams. Then when they had that done I would let them decorate their tree with different items from their hopes. For instance, if they want to be a dancer they could decorate the tree with dance items.   Another suggestion for activating schema and building background is to go through the steps that they have to go through and make a plan book (tree) Step 2: Initial Predictions

Ask students: What does the word "hope" mean. Can you name things that you hope for in life or from day to day? Look at the picture on the cover of the book. What do you think that this book is about? Who are characters you would expect to be in the book? Is this book fiction or nonfiction? What time of year do you think this book was made in? Is the little girl on the cover happy or sad? How do you know? Step 3: Set purpose for initial reading

Read from pages 1 through 5 to find out what the setting of the story is and what caused them to go to the giving tree.
What caused the theatre to close? Why did they go to the tree (tree of hope) by the theatre? Step 4: Designate all stops, what questions you would ask to prompt for predictions and give purposes for reading. 1. Read from page 5 to 8 to find out what did the father and mother have to do to make a living when the theatre closed. What would you do if your job closed down and you had a family to take care? Would you give up your hope of doing something you really loved? What do you...
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