Causes of Stress

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Causes of Family Stress
1. Illness
2. Financial Problems
3. Drug Abuse
4. Seperation And Divorce
4. Family Violence
-domestic abuse
-physical abuse
-sexual abuse
-emotional abuse
-a child who leaves home without permission and stays away for at least one or two nights for teens 15 years or older
-become ill
-become easy targets

How to keep family healthily and relieve these stressors...
-Caring and commitment- care about one another and committed to staying strong -Respect and appreciation- make each other feel important
-Empathy- allows family members to see from one another's point of view -Communication
-Resolving Conflict
-Expressing Emotions- let family know how you're feeling
-Making decisions- making right decisions
-Managing Time-making time for family and making them a priority -Support groups and therapy- seeking help when needed.

Skills For Healthy Relationships

-Communications- the process of sharing thoughts, info, or feelings -"I" Message- statement that expresses your feelings, but does not blame or judge another person - Active listening- focusing your attention on the person that is speaking Assertiveness- stand up for your self and express your feelings in a way that doesn't threaten others. -Body language- includes posture, gestures, facial expressions, and body movements -Cooperation- working together on a common goal

-Compromise-is the willingness of each person to give up something in order to reach a common agreement
Importance of Friendship

Friendship- is a relationship based on mutual trust, acceptance, and common interests or values
-Casual/ Aqquantences
-Loyalty, honesty, empathy, reliability
Friends of opposite sex
-Gender Roles: behaviors

Problems in Friendships

-Envy and Jealousy: one friend may have something the other desires -Cruelty: friend may act cruel even though their own problem or stressor has nothing to...