A Walk To Remember



Hegbert—Hegbert is a something of a complicated character. If his daughter is the image of simplicity, Hegbert the minister is the image of complexity. He does not seem nearly as kindhearted as his daughter, and yet there must be something exceptional in him since she loves him so much. This exceptional quality may be seen in the play that he writes, called The Christmas Angel, a semi-autobiographical drama in which the main character learns that he must sacrifice himself and love his only daughter for her sake.

This small but important act of love helps keep Hegbert human. His earlier life is filled with sorrow and disappointment. Landon’s grandfather is a crook who sets himself at odds with Hegbert. Landon’s father, Worth, has little use for the minister, as well. Even Landon in his younger days takes to mocking the minister with his friends. Hegbert continues, nonetheless, to preach from the pulpit and remind his parishioners of the importance of God.

His sermons, however, are long, tedious, and full of fire and brimstone. Yet they do not remain so. As Jamie’s sickness gets worse and her attachment to Landon becomes stronger, a transformation is seen in Hegbert’s preaching. His sermons become shorter and more to the point. He begins to adopt a far-off look and a sense of resignation that he did not have before. Finally, the antipathy between himself and the Carters is buried when he extends his hand to Landon and invites him to share in his love for Jamie.

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