A Walk to Remember: Film Analysis

Topics: English-language films, Landon School, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Mara Kate V. dela Cruz
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“A walk to remember”
Film Analysis:
A. Question for discussion:
1) Why do you think the movie is entitled “a walk to remember?” * It is entitled a walk to remember because landon never forget Jamie until the end of their love even Jamie has a “leukemia” 2) Described how Jamie and Landon started their love story? * It is Jamie and Landon love story and it is centered on lando’s prov.their love was so strong that even when faced with a tragic turn of events. 3) Do you think Landon was really in love with Jamie?

* Yes ,because was really in love with Jamie she one to be a successful and they friends for landon and Jamie to developed their love once and to married because of leukemia. 4) What are the things that Jamie wanted before she died? *  He's doing things dead babies don't do you might want to come ... a medical miracle. Baby Jamie came back to life before their ... yep. and telling him his name and his sister and how she was doing and all the things we wanted to ... Kate Ogg was told her newborn son Jamie had died after efforts ... 5) If you were ladon, would you do the same thing as he died? * Landon is gradually told by Jamie of a wish of what she aspires to accomplish in things on her wish list he takes her to state line. 6) What have you learn from the the movie?

* I have watched the movie many times and I cried my eyes out every time I saw the movie it is the best example of true love, love that never dies  This movie will be always my favorite romantic movie and what I have learned from watching this is that cherish your love one because you will never know when you might lose her.  * I like this kind of movie like you, too.Movie is the real life of people all over the world. We can learn much from the movie. Such as the love, romance, risk, fighting, and so on. They have some special abilities. B. Elements and Drama:

1. Characters/characterization:...
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