A Walk To Remember


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1. How old is Landon Carter at the beginning of the novel (the prologue)?

a) 25

b) 57

c) 15

d) 17

2. In what state is the story set?

a) Alabama

b) Kentucky

c) North Carolina

d) Georgia

3. What is the name of Hegbert’s play?

a) The Christmas Gift

b) The Christmas Surprise

c) Blessed by an Angel

d) The Christmas Angel

4. What unique artifact was supposedly found by archaeologists in Beaufort?

a) Blackbeard’s pirate ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge

b) The Mayflower

c) The fountain of youth

d) John Smith’s original diary

5. Why does Landon run for student body president?

a) His father thinks that it will give him a better chance at being accepted to the University of North Carolina

b) He wants to be with his friend Eric Hunter, who is running for vice president

c) He is trying to impress a girl named April

d) He feels very strongly about the school and wants to make a difference

6. Why does Landon ask Jamie to the homecoming dance?

a) She sends him a love letter asking him to do so

b) He wants to make his ex-girlfriend jealous

c) It is a favor to his best friend, Eric Hunter, who feels sorry for Jamie

d) There is no one else who will go with him, and he is afraid Carey Dennison will ask her if he doesn’t do it first.

7. Why won’t Jamie allow Landon into the house when her father is not home?

a) She does not trust Landon

b) It is against her father’s rules

c) The house is a mess

d) She is afraid of what the neighbors might think

8. On which family’s tombstones do Landon, Eric and friends sit...

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