A Walk To Remember


Cast of Characters

Landon Carter—Landon is the main character of the novel, narrating a story that took place in 1958. He is a decent young man whose life changed when he was 17.

Hegbert Sullivan—He is the old Southern Baptist minister who writes the annual Christmas play for the town.

Worth Carter—Landon’s father, he is a very popular congressman, somewhat at odds with Hegbert, who used to work for Worth’s notoriously corrupt father.

Landon’s mother—Although her name is never told, Landon’s mother actually plays a significant role in his life. She encourages Landon to take Jamie somewhere special to show her how he feels. She is very affectionate toward Jamie and is a good mother to Landon.

Jamie Sullivan—Hegbert’s daughter, she is his only child and is dissimilar from the other girls: She dresses plainly, is always cheerful and very giving of her time, and carries the Bible with her everywhere she goes. Her mother died during childbirth.

Jamie’s mother—Although Jamie’s mother is dead, she still plays (like Landon’s mother) a significant role in her daughter’s life. Jamie is attached to her mother’s memory and wants to be the same kind of good woman her mother was.

Miss Garber—She is the drama teacher. She is a large, older, overweight woman.

Eric Hunter—He is Landon’s best friend, the star quarterback, and the most popular boy in school.

Margaret Hays—She is Eric’s girlfriend and the head cheerleader of the school. Her best attribute, according to Landon, is her legs.

Mr. Jenkins—He is the director of the orphanage and an old friend of Jamie’s.

Carey Dennison—Carey is elected as student body treasurer. He never stops asking questions about things and is the most...

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