Analysis of a Walk to Remember

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Analysis of A Walk to Remember

I. Author Introduction/ Writing Style:

The author of A Walk to Remember is Nicholas Sparks. He was born on December 31,1965. According to Wikipedia he is an internationally best selling American author. He writes novels with themes that include Christianity, love, tragedy, and fate. He is currently the author of 12 published novels; including: Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember, and The Notebook. He lives in New Bern, North Carolina with his wife Catherine and their five children. I believe his purpose for writing this piece was to show how opinions and special feelings for certain people can change in a short period of time. I think this because we seem to judge people before getting to know them. From reading this book it has shown me to not judge people from what they look like on the outside because they can turn out to be the complete opposite of what you imagined them as. The authors areas of expertise include being in black-belt tae-Kwon-do. An interesting fact is that he still holds the track and field record at the University of Nortre Dame. He graduated Valedictorian in 1984. Later on in his life he worked a variety of jobs including real-estate appraisal, waiting tables, selling dental products by phone and starting his own manufacturing business. His writing style manages to both pull in the reader and touch their heart. An example of this would be how he introduces you to each of the characters so you get to know them in-depth. He writes with deep emotion and really knows how to express feelings in an array of situations. As you start to get into the book you learn to love the characters and feel as if they are real people by the way Sparks writes. Something I could learn from this author could be to have a more positive outlook on life and to live it to the fullest because you never know when it will end. I could also learn that if I want something in life, if i try hard enough i will succeed. If i could change something about the novel I would make it so that a miracle happens to Jamie and she ends up recovering from leukemia. That way she would be able to live happily ever after with her newly-wed husband. Although the end of the book does not fully state that Jamie dies, most of us get the idea that she does pass on. If I wrote the book I would have made things more clear with the conclusion of the story. If I could change the book I would want the outcome to be happy so the reader would feel relived. If would leave them with a happy feeling and then you would know that the couple would end up living happily ever after. Another work by this author is The Notebook. It is similar to this book because they are both love and romance stories and both involve a death at the end. They are different because the plots and characters are completely opposite. They have their own distinct feelings and emotions. From my experiences with his books Nicholas Sparks is a very talented and gifted author.

II. Plot Summary:

A Walk to Remember is about a 57 year old man named Landon Carter. He remembers the best year of his life, which happens to be the year of 1958. During that year Landon is able to mature into a man, mend broken relationships, fall in love with someone he hoped that he never thought was possible and lose someone he thought he never would. Landon finds meaning to God's plan and acquires faith along the way. Event though a tragic event occurred in the year of 1958, Landon is able to look back to it and remember the happy memories that he shared with a very special girl that will always be in his heart. Nothing can make him forget his first true love, and nothing can make him ever stop loving her. Though Beaufort has changed along with Landon as he grows old, the air is still the same, which smells of the sea and sweet lilacs.

III. Title Significance:

The tile refers to the walk that Jamie Sullivan makes down the...
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