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  • Washington

    Period 4 11/4/12 George Washington was the first president of the United States and was a great leader for America. He got rid of the monarchy and led the colonists to freedom. Due to his accomplishments‚ Americans admired and looked up to George Washington. They felt if he led us through the war that it would be best if he could lead us as a President. President Washington was very successful in his two terms in presidency. George Washington ended the Whiskey Rebellion by leading the army himself

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  • Washington

    Washington‚ DC Trip – 2012 My experience this year in DC was more laid back than last year. I felt that I knew the basics of what we were going to do so I could enjoy it more. This is certainly not my first time going to DC‚ and not going to be last. I enjoyed most of the places we went to even though I have seen a good amount of it before‚ it is still good to go and learn some things I might not of learned the year before. I got to go to the White House this year as opposed to not going last

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  • Railroads of Washington State

    History 4/12/13 Washington: Western States Report Washington became the 42nd state on November 11th‚ 1889. Washington was named after the famous president‚ George Washington. Gold was discovered in 1852 by agent Fort Colville. Mining became a big thing. In 1860‚ gold deposits were found in Orofino Creek and Clearwater River. A rush of prospectors was brought to Walla Walla. Between 1880 and 1890‚ the population quadrupled. Most settlers were from the mid-east or east‚ but Washington also gained

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  • Railroads impact on washington

    Railroads impact on Washington The railroad had a positive impact on the geography‚ economy‚ and psychological thought of Washington. The railroad was built by separate companies that built in their area using a checkerboard pattern of land grants from the government. It was built to connect the east and west and have a quicker way of transportation across the nation. It was built in the later 1800’s and took several years to complete. Washington businesses grew‚ improving the economy. More people

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  • Who Is Washington DC?

    the name of Washington DC and flashes of political leaders‚ congressmen and the White House emerge in front of your eyes. Founded on July 16‚ 1790‚ Washington DC serves as the capital of United States of America and it is here that all the headquarters of all three divisions of the federal government of the United States are sited. Although named after George Washington‚ the first constitutional President of the United States‚ But politics is not the be-all and end-all of Washington DC. A deeper

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  • Washington Dc Speech

    Hopes‚ aspirations‚ dreams. These words immediately pop into my head when I think of Washington D.C. The capital of our country is one of the most important places on Earth. As an 8th grader with a passion for politics and a heart that just wants everyone to see the light in the world‚ going on the Mars Area Middle School 2017 Washington‚ D.C.‚ trip would truly be the start of a hopeful‚ inspired upcoming politician. I would love to go on the D.C. trip because I would love to see our Country’s history

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  • George Washington Bush

    George Washington Bush Washington was a state of many white settlers and Indians. But George was one of the first black American settlers in what is now called Washington State. Life back then was tough‚ especially for a black man. Many laws would make him move or give up land. Today I am going to tell you all about George Washington Bush. About his background‚ adult life‚ and why he is important to Washington State. George Washington Bush was born in Pennsylvania around 1778.

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  • Washingtons Farewell Address

    Prof. Jesse Chupp July 23‚ 2012 The Farewell Address is a speech given by George Washington in 1796 to the people of the United States. This speech was delivered close to the end of Washington’s second term in the Presidential office. The Farewell Address will‚ ultimately‚ be a key element of Washington’s legacy as it was one of the most memorable speeches in American history. In this speech‚ Washington hope was to lay the foundation for the United States political future. He expressed

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  • Railroads impact on Washington

    get a piece of‚ there is more work then thought. The railroads changed all of that worry and hard labor. On September 8th‚ 1883 the railroad came to Washington State making almost everything a lot easier. The railroads had a major influence on Washington’s development. The railroad affected the economic‚ geographic‚ and psychological aspects of Washington State. The railroads allowed a rapid increase in Washington’s economy by providing a quick and easy way of transporting goods to the rest of the

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  • George Washington

    George Washington Biography By Justin Mendoza George Washington was born on February 22‚ 1732‚ in Westmoreland Country‚ Virginia. George Washington could trace his family’s presence in North America to his great-grandfather‚ John Washington‚ who migrated from England to Virginia. Washington’s fathers name was Augustine and his mother was named Jane. They both died when he was younger. In 1748‚ when he was 16‚ George traveled with a surveying party plotting land in Virginia’s western territory

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