George Washington

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George Washington
In my opinion I believe that Washington handled Americas domestic and foreign problems very well during the time of his presidency. Whenever there was a problem Washington had a good way of finding solution for whatever problem was presented to him. The neutrality proclamation was a very big one, as was the whiskey rebellion. During the time Washington was in office, many great plans and treaties were developed and put into use. The thing that tested Washington the most was the war with Europe and he handled it very well. Despite the fact that we were allies with France Washington chose to be neutral throughout the war which was brilliant on his part. Our nation was brand new and we weren’t so strong just yet, especially in comparison the Britain and France. Washington quickly noticed that if we did not adopt the Neutrality Proclamation that we would die off as a nation and seize to exist. The second event that showed Washington’s awesome abilities to manage America’s problems was the whiskey rebellion. He decided to send 15,000 troops to Philadelphia because that is where the rebellion was taking place, and this issue did not last that long. Once the troops arrived just about everyone stopped rebelling and went home. Washington only reacted so strong because he didn’t want something like shays rebellion repeating itself, but in the end he handled the situation greatly and without violence.

A different issue that arose during Washington’s presidency was the Native Americans. The issue that came about with them did turn into a very violent one but he still handled the situation very well and how America wanted it done. All of the Americans wanted to expand west but because of the Native Americas it wasn’t going to so simple without violence. The natives even went as far as to attack some of the towns because they were pretty angry. Washington ended up killing just about all of the Native Americans. When Washington was in office many good things came about like the Pickney Treat, which solved the issue between American and Spain involving the usage of the Mississippi River. Washington chose a man Thomas Pickney to go over to Spain and deal with the issue at hand. He even got Spain to recognize the border of Florida at the 31st parallel. A financial plan by Hamilton was also a magnificent thing that occurred. Their assumption of all the confederation debts was greatly appreciated by the states who were in debt. The plan allowed citizens to give out security bonds that helped pay off dept who later payed the people back with interest. The taxes on imported goods helped the nation in such a large fashion. These taxes implied forced people to purchase from only American merchants which also helped the economy greatly. A tradition that is still used today was adopted while Washington was in office, the 2 term tradition. Overall, in my opinion there was just one thing that was not handled that greatly by Washington during his presidency and that was Jays treaty. Jay simply just didn’t do anything that we wanted him to do when he went over to Brittain. All we wanted was for The British people to get the hell out of our country and stop attacking our naval ships at sea. On Jays arrival home neither of these problems were resolved and the made many of the Americans outraged, which is easily understandable. So in conclusion, Washington handled our foreign and domestic problems in such a professional manner during the time of his presidency. He saved America and helped the nation get through the vicious wars that took place, boosted the economy greatly and most importantly kept the American citizens safe. Washington also had a very good crew that helped him along the way and were very professional and did outstanding work. Now lets learn...

References: Taylor, G. (2010). George Washington 's America: A Biography through His Maps. Booklist, 107(7), 14.
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