Railroads of Washington State

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Vanessa Bausch
Mrs. Chaney
Washington: Western States Report
Washington became the 42nd state on November 11th, 1889. Washington was named after the famous president, George Washington.

Gold was discovered in 1852 by agent Fort Colville. Mining became a big thing. In 1860, gold deposits were found in Orofino Creek and Clearwater River. A rush of prospectors was brought to Walla Walla. Between 1880 and 1890, the population quadrupled. Most settlers were from the mid-east or east, but Washington also gained many foreign immigrants. When gold in Alaska was discovered, many people fled Washington, leaving Seattle to go from a boom town.

There were many tribes of Native Americans. The men’s job was to hunt and fish, and the woman to keep charge of the home and land. The famous tribes were: Chinook, Clalskanie, Makah, Nez Perce, Ozette, Palouse, Wallawallla, Wynoochee, and Yakima. All the tribes were unique in their own way. The Chinooks were organized into settlements, so they weren’t exactly a tribe. They controlled the mouth of the Columbia River. The Clalskanie tribe were greatly fear by the others. They charged a toll fee for passage to the Columbia River. The Yakima tribe inhabited the Columbia River Plateau. The Wynoochee tribe owned territory along the Chehalis River. They depended on fish to survive. The Columbia River was of great importance to Native Americans.

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