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George Washington was the first president of the United States and was a great leader for America. He got rid of the monarchy and led the colonists to freedom. Due to his accomplishments, Americans admired and looked up to George Washington. They felt if he led us through the war that it would be best if he could lead us as a President. President Washington was very successful in his two terms in presidency. George Washington ended the Whiskey Rebellion by leading the army himself. He maintained stability in the U.S. government by being neutral with foreign countries. Washington refused to run for reelection, and ended his presidency with two terms being sufficient. The Western troubles with France and the Indian tribes caused trouble for Americans. The United States owed lots of money to foreign countries. Hamilton created a plan to create a bank in America; the bill passed congress and was then signed by George Washington. Alexander Hamilton then thought of a way to make money to pay off debts. He created an excise tax on whisky. The citizens of the frontier refused to pay Federalist excise task on Whiskey. This caused mobs to tar and feather excise officers and burned the property of distillers who paid the tax. George Washington was faced with many domestic threats towards his new government; therefore he was going to defeat the Indians and the Whiskey Rebellion. Washington sent Anthony Wayne against the northwestern tribes, which had ended the British Indian challenge in the Northwest. George Washington took charge and sent an army of soldiers, which ended the rebellion. Washington's time in office helped the United States gain stability. Washington sent Thomas Pinckney to talk to Spain. The Pinckney Treaty put an end to Spanish claim territory in the Southwest and gave Americans the right to use the Mississippi river and it gave the United States the right to drop off produce at New Orleans. John Jay was sent to negotiate the...
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