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Impact of Video Games in Society

A video game is an interactive computer that displays a video signal, allowing you to play thousands of games on your television or handheld video game device. (Wikipedia, Video Game) We have came a very long way since the very first type of video game console was invented by Ralph Baer in 1967. From the very first console, the "Brown Box" to the more interactive video game consoles such as the Wii, Playstation, XBOX or the handheld Nintendo DS. Regardless of which video game is being used, it has...

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The History of Video Games

History of Video Games and their impact on the economy King Wells COM/150 05/06/2012 Katie Surber The History of Video Games and their impact on the economy For many years people have been enjoying many forms of entertainment. These forms include listening to music, watching their favorite shows on TV, and other forms of direct entertainment. There are also other forms of entertainment not only set to entertain but to also cause the person to interact both socially and physically. Video games...

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Disk Operating System and Game Development

While searching operating systems for game consoles found information on Nintendo’s next gen console and what Iwata plans for the OP as well. The next piece of info comes from Softpedia. According to Nintendo's Iwata Interviews posted on the company's official website, the new games console, Wii, will have an updatable operating system. He states that Wii is the first system from Nintendo that will evolve in a continuous manner. Even after customers buy the console, they will be able to expand and...

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Video Game Console and Nintendo

Nintendo Case Study 1. Imagine that you are charged with designing a successor to the Wii. Briefly describe the new-product strategy you might use. The Nintendo is having a lot of growth, since it has already proved by selling more consoles compared to its competitors Sony and Microsoft. The Wii is now targeting its customers not only the teenagers, but also the entire family community. As a design successor for Nintendo Wii, it would be better to design a product that suits the entire family...

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Technological Environment of Video Game Industry

Technology Environment The Video Game industry is constantly undergoing new innovations and ground breaking technology. New trends and innovations are introduced on a yearly basis that alters the marketing environment. The Level of technology in this industry is very high. The speed of technology and usage is ongoing and expanding throughout the country and the world. With the constant growth, a fast and a high rate of Obsolescence is the outcome. The video game industry also has social concerns...

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Video Games and Obesity

October 22, 2007 Video Games and Obesity In just two decades, the prevalence of obesity doubled for U.S. children ages 6 to 11, and tripled for American teenagers (Childhood Obesity). Obesity is an excessive accumulation of fat causing a person to become overweight. It is a serious and growing health problem, especially for kids. One major factor to the problem of children becoming obese is, video games. Video games have advanced dramatically over the years. From hitting a ball back...

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Negative Effects Of Video Games

Video games are harmful to adolescents With the number of 80% 12-17 years old adolescents in America own a video game console, video games become the leading type of electronic entertainment among the society. Nowadays, video game grows into a common free-time activity for many young people. The adults and moreover the society now have more concern about the effects of video games on teenagers. Video games negatively related to the development of social skills. As playing video games require...

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The Wii: Nintendo's Video Game Revolution

Background Information Nintendo was founded in 1889 as a card company initially. It moved into the electronic entertainment industry in the late 1970s. Nintendo went on to release its own console and dominate the video games market, both in home video games consoles and in handheld consoles in the early 1980s. The introduction of Wii in 2006 revolutionized the gaming industry by providing greater interactive gaming for all consumers beyond just gamers. In 2006, Nintendo won more awards than...

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Are Video Games Educational

Video games are something that many people all around the world play. But are video games educational? The answer is yes, video games develop many of our skills, give us the relaxation we need and as technology is developing the number of educational and social aspects of games are increasing greatly. While video games are typically cast off as a waste of time and simply recreational activities, when it comes down to it, video games are actually one of the best and most successful ways to encourage...

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Educational Video Game

IMPACT OF EDUCATIONAL VIDEO GAMES TO THE STUDY HABIT AMONG THE STUDENTS OF CAVITE STATE UNIVERSITY – CAVITE CITY CAMPUS An undergraduate thesis manuscript submitted to the faculty of the Department of Information and Communication Technology of Cavite State University – Cavite City Campus in partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation for the Associate in Computer Technology with contribution No. ______ prepared under the supervision of Mrs. Estrellita P. Cruz. INTRODUCTION ...

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