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Video Game Genres

The study aims to understand the different cause of computer games addiction and manage their time on study and playing games. Specifically this study seeks to answer this following questions: 1. What are the cause of computer games addiction as perceived by the students? 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being addicted to computer games? 3. What are the proposed ways to eradicate computer games addiction? PANPACIFIC UNIVERSITY NORTH...

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The Benefits of Video Games

 The Benefits of Video Games In this modern world where technology is very advanced, video games have become one of the most favored means for people who seek fun and entertainment. However, despite of their popularity, many parents are concerned of the harmful effects that it can bring to their children. In most cases, video games cause addiction to children, and this is especially true when parental control is weak. Due to...

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AP Lang Classification Video Games

Tutty AP Lang 11/16/14 Video Games There are different games for different people, and for each person different genres will appeal to them. From Action to strategy no two games are alike and are all special in their own way. There are thousands of different combinations and sub divisions that go along with the main genre, for example Action is never just action, is can be action strategy, or an action RPG and so on. Action, this is probably the most desired gaming genre, it is possibly the most...

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Video Game Comparison

Video Game Comparison One of my favorite games of all time is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for Super Nintendo. Super Mario RPG took my favorite characters from the Super Mario Bros game and put them into a role-playing game, my favorite genre of video game. This combination worked wonders for me and I love this game. Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne is one of the harder games that I have played and I don’t particularly like it. It is a real-time strategy game on the PC; the strategies...

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Benefits of Video Games

sample paper. The topic of choice is "Can Video Games Make The Players Mind More Creative." I think that saying video games make children lazy and are dangerous is an unfair opionion. My supporting arguements would be: Video games can contribute to hand eye coordination, physical attributes increased, and high arousal, excitement, can trigger more positive moods. Original text from cited sources: While one widely held view maintains playing video games is intellectually lazy, such play actually...

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Effects of Video Games on Children

positive effects of video games as well as two negative effects. First, videogames help develop skills that are useful in the future, such as multitasking, decision-making, memory, and concentration. Lots of adults nowadays have problems multitasking, fortunately though, some researchers believe that strategy/action games can help children develop such a skill. During a game, if a sudden enemy or disaster occurs the player has to deal with the problem to further advance in the game, this allows them...

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Essay on Video Games

designed, perfected, and added into the game. They have concept artists, graphics designers, directors, all working together to make certain the story, visuals, music, and atmosphere come together to create an impressive game. Videogames use sound, visuals, and storytelling to convey emotions unto the player. All the visuals in a game are deliberate, planned, and have a purpose. From the smallest detail to the grandest building the features of the game are designed to be pleasing to the eye. For...

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Game Vs Violence

Games and Violence This article shows how violent video games has little contribution to people who commit violent crimes. Although the shooters in the Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School and Columbine High School shootings play violent video games in their spare time but it is not the only cause that made them do the things they did. If violent video games causes people to commit crimes then why shouldn’t people who play sports be banned instead of being appraise for what they do. As...

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How Do Video Games Improve Hand-Eye Coordination?

“Stop playing those games and go outside!” These words are commonplace in many homes with children. Since the invention of video games, parents have worried about their influence on children. Video games are often blamed for ruining children’s eyesight and bad influence. In spite of the negativity that surrounds video games, there are positive aspects that are overlooked. Video games positively impact a child’s development by improving hand-eye coordination and social skills while also increasing...

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The Effects Of Playing Active Video Games?

daily basis, video games came to be one of the most, if not the most, favorable pastime. Just like music and art, video games also have different types and genres. They can also be a combination of multiple genres. Some of the notable genres are casual games, horror games, role-playing games, and online strategy games. Different genres appeal to different types of people, which in turn gives rise to the diversity in the gaming community. Apart from being a medium of enjoyment, video games can also give...

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