Video Game Genres

Topics: Video game genres, Addiction, Learning Pages: 3 (537 words) Published: August 10, 2014

The study aims to understand the different cause of computer games addiction and manage their time on study and playing games.

Specifically this study seeks to answer this following questions:

1.What are the cause of computer games addiction as perceived by the students?

2.What are the advantages and disadvantages of being addicted to computer games?

3.What are the proposed ways to eradicate computer games addiction?

Lopez Jaena St. Tayug, Pangasinan

Name: (Optional) ____________________ Gender: ________ Age : ___ Course: _________

Computer Addiction
This study attempts to determine the problems encountered by the students of PUNP that affect their performance in addiction of computers. I.Study the effects and cause the students in computer games addiction. Direction: Put checkmark on the space provided that affect and cause in computer games addiction

1.I prefer playing games to spend time with my friends
2.I find satisfaction in playing games
3.I think playing computer games is the answer to my problem 4.I prefer playing sports game in computer rather than playing it in real-life situation 5.I build interconnection with other computer gamers

6.I want online games to gain respect to other students
7.I prefer playing online games for pastime
8.I feel frustrated if I did not play online games
9.I prefer playing games to satisfy my wants
10.I prefer playing games for fun and enjoyable that can make me feel relaxed 11.I want online games to compete other students
12.I tried to give up the computer games but it causes me depression and irritation 13.I prefer playing games to know and test how my knowledgeable I am 14.I prefer playing games to build leadership and sportsmanship 15.I prefer playing games to avoid other addiction like taking drugs...
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