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STR 581 Week 6 Discussion Questions

following financial statements is concerned with the company at a point in time? income statement statement of cash flows retained earnings statement balance sheet 2 A cost which remains constant per unit at various levels of activity is a: fixed cost mixed cost variable cost manufacturing cost 3 M&M Proposition 1: Dynamo Corp. produces annual cash flows of $150 and is expected to exist forever. The company is currently financed with 75 percent equity and 25 percent...

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Capsim Strategy

optimal balance is to have variable costs outweigh fixed costs unless our company gains rapid success.  Fixed costs such as rent, insurance, and salaries will have to be paid regardless of our company’s success, whereas variable costs will rise with the popularity of our products. We plan to cover fixed and variable costs with the sale and profits from our products. Our planned revenues will cover the variable costs, with a large enough contribution margin to cover fixed costs while still providing the...

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Case 2

Model D400 Chisel________ Selling price $500 $850 Less variable costs: Direct labor $ 85 $ 180 Direct material 150 180 Variable overhead 15 250 60 420 Contribution margin 250 430 Less allocated fixed costs 185 ...

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Acct505 Quiz

5) Ans: 9.5 (a) Page 2: 1. (TCO D) Data for December concerning Dinnocenzo Corporation's two major business segments-Fibers and Feedstocks-appear below: Sales revenues, Fibers $870,000 Sales revenues, Feedstocks $820,000 Variable expenses, Fibers $426,000 Variable expenses, Feedstocks $344,000 Traceable fixed expenses, Fibers $148,000 Traceable fixed expenses, Feedstocks S156,000 Common fixed expenses totaled $314,000 and were allocated as follows: $129,000 to the Fibers business segment...

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Study on Indian and Global Market Structure

CHANLLENGES Major Cost- Fixed and Variable Primarily, the L&T construction’s fixed cost constitutes salary and benefits for employees, Financing charges (interest, Over Draft & LC charges, etc.), Leasing of apartments and/or office spaces, other overhead expenses, depreciation of P&M, Utility bills, Taxes, Transportation Expenses, Tendering cost, Visa Charges, Statutory requirement of employing locals, Customs duty etc.; whereas the variable costs elements are mainly Labour charges, cost of material...

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CP1 Essay

 Step 3: Answer the following essay question Answer the following essay question Now that your project schedule has been created, your resources have been loaded, and your resource costs have been allocated, please analyze your results and answer the following questions. After you enter all of your resources, answer the following questions: 1. What is your total budget for this project? Was the project within the budget as set forth by the board of directors? 2. What is your budget...

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Five Star Tools

sharpening process. This has created a constraint, or bottleneck, that has caused the company to miss deadlines from several important customers. This case analysis seeks to provide solutions to the constraint problem. The following is a table showing the costs associated with two chisels, the Model C210 and Model D400 Chisels: The president of the company, Maxfield Turner, and Betty Spence, VP of Marketing, are looking for solutions to the constraints. There are quite a few steps that can be taken to...

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Cru Computer Rental

0.5 2.14 2.47 1.23 1 1.23 2 Calculate The Average Weekly Contribution Margin (Revenues - Variable Costs) to 
CRU in 1996. Ignore Labor and Facility Costs in This Calculation. We Assume That They Are Fixed. How Does the Contribution Margin Compare with The Weekly Depreciation? Weekly Revenue=Number of units on Rent × Rental Price=8,000 × $30 = $240,000 Weekly Variable Costs = Throughput × Cost=1,000 × $25 + 1,000 × $25 + 595 × $4 + 405 × $150 = $113,130 Weekly Contribution Margin = $240...

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market mix paper

their vehicle General Motors are focusing on their best products while lifting their global resources to form the most undeniable vehicles and technologies. When General Motors build their new sleet of vehicles they optimize their global market to be cost-effective as well as developing finest segmented vehicles. As General Motors plan marketing strategy and tactic for pricing to maximizing revenues with a focused product strategy, supplying globally - vibrant vehicles to the marketplace that offer...

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International business -ISBM answers

Answer 1: MNCs have located R & D centres in developing countries because the  DEVELOPING  COUNTRIES  OFFER (a) access to highly qualified scientists as shortages of research personnel emerge in certain fields in industrialised countries, (b) Cost differentials in research salaries between developing and industrialised countries, and (c) rationalisation of operations, assigning particular affiliates the responsibility for developing, manufacturing, and marketing particular products worldwide...

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