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International business -ISBM answers

Answer 1: MNCs have located R & D centres in developing countries because the  DEVELOPING  COUNTRIES  OFFER (a) access to highly qualified scientists as shortages of research personnel emerge in certain fields in industrialised countries, (b) Cost differentials in research salaries between developing and industrialised countries, and (c) rationalisation of operations, assigning particular affiliates the responsibility for developing, manufacturing, and marketing particular products worldwide...

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Product Mix TJ's inc

 Problem Statement Present the cost per pound of the nuts included in the Regular, Deluxe, and Holiday mixes. Discuss the optimal product mix and the total profit contribution. Give recommendations regarding how the total profit contribution can be increased if additional quantities of nuts can be purchased. Give a recommendation as to whether TJ’s should purchase an additional 1000 pounds of almonds for $1000 from a supplier who overbought. Give recommendations on how profit contribution could...

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Birch Paper Company Case Solution

to the profit having done the development work on the box and having received no profit. The commercial Vice President of the Birch is discussing the bidding details with the manager of the Northern division, accepting Thompson’s bid will raise the cost of the Northern division that is competing in a very competitive market. In absence of any order from the top management, the Northern division will accept the lowest bid of $430 from West Paper Company. The Thompson and Southern divisions are not...

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daily or weekly basis for most start-ups and at least monthly even for an established business. 3 Profit margins In the process of setting prices in line with projected costs, the owner-manager will also be setting profit targets. These can only be achieved if the sales volume targets are met, at the appropriate prices, and costs are controlled. Profit margins give the owner manager this information. They should be compared to original forecasts and kept as high as possible. Margins probably need...

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Theme Park

is the skills and knowledge intensive lower industry. 2. Direct income One prominent feature of the theme park is high fixed cost and low variable cost. When the construction complete there is no more big invest, the cost will keep in a very low level, the product is service and experience, do not need more material product and consume, that is why the variable cost remain really low. When reach a certain number of guests which called break even point, the profit will increasing rapidly. And the...

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Risk Management Essay

environment) Projects face a host of risks such as,  PROJECT COMPLETION RISK Completion of the project in time and within the estimated cost is itself a major achievement. A project that is delayed will result in time over run which will subsequently lead to a cost over-run. If the project promoters are not able to pump in additional funds required to meet the cost over-run, then the project runs the risk of coming to a grinding halt. Also delayed implementation means an increase in interest commitments...

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STR 581 Week 3 Discussion Questions

a point in time? income statement statement of cash flows retained earnings statement balance sheet 2 A cost which remains constant per unit at various levels of activity is a: fixed cost mixed cost variable cost manufacturing cost 3 MM Proposition 1: Dynamo Corp. produces annual cash flows of $150 and is expected to exist forever. The company is currently financed with 75 percent equity...

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BTC case analysis

the following conditions: Purchasing: 20% of net materials price variance, assuming favourable Marketing: 10% of excess variance of net revenue, assuming favourable Production: 3% of net variance in material, labour, variable overhead, labour rate variance, and the variable and fixed overhead spending, assuming favourable variances. Statement of the Problem Obtaining a loss approaching a million dollars despite the increase in sales. Substantial unfavourable variances resulting from production...

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on saturdays Table 1.1 Production Cost and Revenues *computation is done per month, excluding sundays Fixed Cost Item Price Quantity Total Labor Unit P300.00 /day 3 P23,400.00 Rental P14,000.00 1 P14,000.00 P37,400.00 Variable Cost Item Price Quantity Total Market P2,000.00 / P1,200.00 1 P44,800.00 P44,800.00 Revenues Items Price Quantity Total Sales P5,500.00 /P3,000.00 1 P122,000.00 Table 1.2 Net Profit Profit Fixed Cost Variable Cost Production Cost Revenues Net Profit P37,400.00 P44...

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Fisheries Business Management and Economics

circumstances are necessary if an is to be a useful tool to forecast the results of business operations. • Feasibility • Natural Environment • Infrastructure Feasibility Study/Repots • Variable cost • Fixed cost • Contribution margin • Variable unit cost and • break – even point Definition of Management: is the active process of making decisions so that use of the available human and material resources of the organization is planed and controlled to ...

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