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Domestication and Foreignization in Translation

Introduction Translation does not only involve giving the equivalent meaning in the Target Language (TL), rather it involves considering the values of the TL and the Source Language (SL) whether they are linguistic values or cultural ones. Some translators prefer changing the SL values and making them readable for the TL audience. This is termed Domestication. Others, on the other hand, prefer keeping the values of the SL and exposing audience to them. “Domesticating translation” and “foreignizing...

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Analsy of The Direct Method and Grammar Translation

S991026&S981037 Christie& Flora Compare Grammar Translation and Direct Method Grammar Translation Direct Method Comparison Teaching/learni 1. Teachers point out the grammar rules such 1. Teachers give students some 1. In Grammar Translation, ng process as S. O. Adv. V. Students remember the sentences which have the same teachers use deductive ways to rules and use them to realize some similar grammar rules. help students remember rules. sentence. Students...

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Aesthetic Differences Between Chinese and Western Poetry

Aesthetic differences between Chinese and Western Poetry —critics on Xu Yuanchong’s Chinese poetry translation 1 Introduction Nowadays in China, there are mainly two kinds of different opinions on translating classical Chinese poems. On one side, Xu Yuanzhong, as a representative,hold that classical Chinese poems should be translated in the form of poems(rhymed verse translation). Xu Yuanzhong put forward the Theory of Three Beauties and the Theory of Rivalry. On the other side, scholars such...

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importance and uses of contrastive linguistics

and others. contrastive analysis investigates the differences between pairs (or small sets) of languages against the background of similarities and with the purpose of providing input to applied disciplines such as foreign language teaching and translation studies. With its largely descriptive focus contrastive linguistics provides an interface between theory and application. It makes use of theoretical findings and models of language description but is driven by the objective of applicability. Contrastive...

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Coping Tactics in Translation

Question 2: Write your comments and interpretation on the statement that the lecturer uses at the end of his lecture: "Make coping tactics part of your life" and "Keep it out of your life". Uses examples and your personal experience (if any) for your argument Answer: What happens in the real life is not always as we expect so that every people in every area has his own techniques to deal with difficulties. Coping tactics is considered as the key element in interpreting career. To emphasize the...

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Example of Criticising a Translation

(SLT) is a journalistic news report. It attempts to inform the reader about certain event. On the other hand, The target language text (TLT) is weak and its obvious that the translating process has been done using a translation machine AL WAFI that upholds word-for-word translation. The target language text (TLT) reads foreign. as well as, its difficult to be understood, it does not flow smooothly and does not have a natural feel due to the lexical, grammatical and textual errors that are detected...

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Translation and Half-caste

7th October 2012 Analysis of Half-Caste by John Agard- How does the poet present his ideas and views to the reader? Half-Caste is a poem written by John Agard. It presents another culture through dialect and uses complicated terminology. The poem is quite emotional and John Agard uses many techniques to present his ideas and views on Half-Caste. The poem is all about the different definitions of Half-Caste, it is undefined. Agard compares the word half-caste to Tchaikovsky’s piano, Picasso’s...

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Lost in Translation

Lost In Translation "Lost In Translation" is one of those movies that seek to be something having something extra something that is more than a regular movie. Moreover, it does so effectively without being pretentious, all through the movie it does not seem like it is trying too hard to be something other than what is there. It is skillfully written, well directed and it boasts of a solid cast not very spectacular but full of good actors. Jointly, this eventually results in an enjoyable and interesting...

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Summary of Katharina Reiss’s Article About Text Types, Translation Types and Translation Assessment

Summary of Katharina Reiss’s Article about Text Types, Translation Types and Translation Assessment According to the classification of text types, the Reiss introduces an audio-media type to cover the rising of translation and separate this kind of translation besides sticking the conventional three based on Buhler’s functions of the linguistic sign. Furthermore, in her book (1976), Reiss shows the connection between three text types and various text varieties in the form of diagram and mentioned...

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Domestication and foreignization are strategies in translation, regarding the degree to which translators make a text conform to the target culture. Domestication is the strategy of making text closely conform to the culture of the language being translated to, which may involve the loss of information from the source text. Foreignization is the strategy of retaining information from the source text, and involves deliberately breaking the conventions of the target language to preserve its meaning...

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