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TRANSLATION: The process of turning an original or "source" text into a text in another language. TRANSLATION TECHNIQUES Direct Translation Techniques are used when structural and conceptual elements of the source language can be transposed into the target language. Direct translation techniques include: * Borrowing * Calque * Literal Translation Borrowing Borrowing is the taking of words directly from one language into another without translation. For example software, funk. English...

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Extra material for chapter 4 Van Leuven-Zwart’s comparative–descriptive model of translation shifts1 The most detailed attempt to produce and apply a model of shift analysis has been carried out by Kitty van Leuven-Zwart of Amsterdam. Van Leuven-Zwart’s model takes as its point of departure some of the categories proposed by Vinay and Darbelnet and Levý and applies them to the descriptive analysis of a translation, attempting both to systematize comparison and to build in a discourse framework...

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题 目:Translation skills of China's Contemporary Prose 中国当代散文汉英翻译技巧 Abstract In this paper, the emphasis is translation skills of China's contemporary prose, from 1919, China's prose begin to present a picture of prosperity and most of them are filled with writers’ contemplation on life, many contemporary writers come out in an unending flow. This paper explains the reason to make research on the topic. In addition; it also provides abundant typical examples to illustrate general...

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Delhi) 2013-2014 LEGAL TRANSLATIon SUBMITTED TO: INTRODUCTION TRANSLATION Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text. Semantic Translation: Semantic translation takes advantage of semantics that associate meaning with individual data elements in one dictionary to create an equivalent meaning in a second system. Literal Translation: Literal translation, or directed translation, is the rendering of text...

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Interpreting and Translation

Summary of Interpreting 1 The Similarity and Differences between Translation and Interpreting 1. Similarity • Both transferring the message from Source Language (SL) into Target Language (TL) • Both retaining the message • Both restructuring or reproducing • Both having SLT and TLT • Both having the target audience 2. Differences |Translation |Interpreting ...

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Girl in Translation

Learning about immigrants is captivating and really plays with my emotions as I have also experienced the struggle of moving overseas to the great America. New York Times Bestseller, Jean Kwok’s Girl in Translation is definitely one of the best immigration stories I have ever read. Girl in Translation features a heart wrenching, coming-of-age story: deeply moving, it gets the point across in a simplistic, yet beautiful, manner. General Summary • 150 words Young chinese immigrant Kimberly Chang and...

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Language and translation

Aiwen (Hurphy) Zhang Fall 2013 11/1/2013 Unit 3 Assignment: “How Do You Say It?” Final Draft Language and Translation Language is the basic tool people use to communicate with each other, including verbal language and non-verbal language. Language is used to announce, to persuade, to queries, to express emotions, to transmit complicated ideas or even to hurt people. Generally speaking, using the language correctly allows people to communicate better, compared...

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Medical Translation

analysis of the roots, prefixes and suffixes is necessary in order to translate the terms acutely and succinctly. Some terms can be transliterated into Chinese language while some need to be paraphrased into Chinese according to the context. The translation of medical terms should not only be accurate, but should also be concise, easy to understand and avoid being ambiguous. Article One: Blockade of Lymphocyte Chemotaxis in Visceral Graft-versus-Host Disease 1. Graft-versus-host Disease: Graft...

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Translation History of Spain

the middle of this language paradise, translation considerably developed. From 711 to the 13th century, major parts of Spain were under the Islamic rule. In the spanish history, the term “Reconquista” is an attribution to the years from 718 to 1492, during which the Christians struggled to conquer the islamic lands of Spain and finally completed their mission with the conquest of Granada in 1492. During the Reconquista years, there was a huge translation activity in Spain, sustained between...

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Cultural Differences and Translation of Idioms

Cultural differences and translation of idioms Language and culture are closely connected and inseparable, as a language idiom is the essence of the deposition of the fascinating history and culture. Because of geography, history, religion, customs and other aspects of life differences between Chinese and English Idioms carrying characteristics of the different cultures and cultural information, so English-Chinese Idioms often encounter many difficulties. From the geographical environment, historical...

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TRANSLATION In Scientific Text

TRANSLATION IN SCIENTIFIC TEXT TRANSLATION Translation is one of the oldest concerns in the history and theory of language. From the beginning, the activity of translation had an oral aspect, the so- called 'interpretation'. Then translation extended to written texts .Translation is often associated with the transliteration of literary works from one language to another One of the most important conditions for a translation to be correct is accuracy. The criterion of accuracy varies according to...

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The Odyssey Translations Essay WORD

The Odyssey Translations Essay The Odyssey is an epic poem, written in classical Greek, describing Odysseus's adventures in his ten year attempt to return to Ithaca after the Trojan War. Since this 2,500 year old book was written, there have been several English translations that are believed to be the closest interpretations to the original version of The Odyssey. Alexander Pope, Emile V. Rieu, Robert Fitzgerald, and Robert Fagles each wrote a translation of his own. These translations are read and...

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Translations by Brian Friel

Kevin Matthews May 12, 2013 ENGL 224 Language in Translations Translations is a three-act play written by Brian Friel set in the small town of Baile Beag, a fictional Donegal village in Ireland. The play deals with issues ranging from language and communication barriers to Irish history and cultural imperialism by the English. The clash of cultures coupled with misunderstanding and misinterpretations leads to chaos within the small town. The difficulty of trying to communicate without an effective...

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Types of Translation

2. Types of translation. Types of translation classification. Administrative translation The translation of administrative texts. Although administrative has a very broad meaning, in terms of translation it refers to common texts used within businesses and organisations that are used in day to day management. It can also be stretched to cover texts with similar functions in government. Commercial translation Commercial translation or business translation covers any sort of document used in...

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Subtitling: Translation and Subtitles

The key is to remember that the subtitler must summarize and paraphrase the words of the film in such a way that the viewer will still understand the plot, and comedic/dramatic/etc. value of the scene. The subtitler should give the most accurate translation and interpretation of the original text into the target language in the fewest number of words possible. The subtitler should know and decide what to deliver to the audience in order to carry out and insure understanding of the plot and of the main...

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Adapting the Unfamiliar… Through Translation.

Adapting the Unfamiliar… through Translation. Marjorie Agosín (born June 15, 1955).Source: Wikipedia. 07/12/2012 Komal Shah Eng. 101C- 24 R. C. Muniz 333 ...

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Translation Procedures

Translation procedures, strategies and methods Technical procedures (Nida) Technical procedures (Nida) Analysis of the source and target languages Analysis of the source and target languages Analysis of the source and target languages Analysis of the source and target languages Organizational procedures (Nida) Organizational procedures (Nida) Constant reevaluation of the attempt made; contrasting it with the existing available translations of the same text done by other...

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Equivalence in Translation

Equivalence in Translation Introduction Dynamic equivalence, as a respectable principle of translation, has been around in the translation sector for a long time. It is the method whereby the translator's purpose is not to give a literal, word-for-word rendition but to transfer the meaning of the text as would be best expressed in the words of the receptor (native) language. In this paper, we will focus on the criteria necessary to qualify dynamic equivalence with special reference to Eugene...

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The Characteristics and Translation Principles of Business English

The Characteristics and Translation Principles of Business English Abstract: Along with the further development of the social economy of our country, foreign business activities have penetrated all enterprises. Business English translation in China's foreign business plays an indispensable role like a bridge. This paper aims to analysis the characteristics of business English and on this basis to explore business English translation principles and also introduces the influence of the cultural...

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Translation in Advertising

OF TEXT TRANSLATION IN ADVERTISING Moskvitina A.V., stud., Superviser: Vakurina N.A. Tomsk Polytechnic University Modern mass media have triggered the distribution of the international advertizing activity. Nowadays, the translation of advertising has become not only necessary but also the daily phenomenon of life of the world community. Thus, the knowledge of theoretical bases of the process is not only an indispensable condition, but also the quality assurance of the translation. ...

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Translation of Poetic Texts on the Example of John Donne's Poems

primarily in Ukraine and Russia, followed a different view that each developed national language has sufficient means for the comprehensive transmission of thoughts expressed by another language (K. Chukrvstkyy, Marshak). Another problem of the poetic translation is nonseparability of form and content on the poetry, and the difficulties they represent for the translator, especially of the poetic works, have been discovered. Often the form obtrudes on the interpreter a particular expression, that causes the...

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Translation Pacte’s Model and Pym’s Minimalist Approach

Assignment #1 – Translation and Translator Competence 1. PACTES’s multi-component model vs. Pym’s minimalist approach (700 w) Similarities and Differences Similarities between PACTES’s model and Pym’s minimalist approach The similarities of these two researches are, first of all, about the translation competence. Both of researches are to develop the better translation teaching method of translation. And second one is the new attempt to understand of existing theory of translation competence...

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Translation Errors in the English Version of Tourism Publications

Translation Errors in the English Version of Tourism Publications jimay Although many tourism publications have English translations interspersed between passages of Chinese, the quality of these translated texts is not so satisfying. Some postgraduates are often engaged in translating Chinese into English; therefore, as an English teacher, the author thinks it is necessary to discuss the errors in these translation works so as to develop good English taste among students. As for the errors in...

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On Drama Translation

On Drama Translation Like their contemporary prose translators who were introducing Western fiction to China, budding dramatists were enthusiastic about bringing Western plays to the Chinese stage. The first play was staged in Japan from an adaptation of Lin Shu's translation of Uncle Tom's Cabin. A Chinese student in Japan named Li Shutong adapted the script. The play was put on by members of the Chun Liu (Spring Willow) Drama Society. Their performance marked a complete break from traditional...

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Translation as a Process

Translation as a process Translating goes well beyond the mere univocal conversion of terms between two languages. A translator’s art is to transpose meaning from one culture to another, with a skillful choice of linguistic tools. A translator’s aptitude is rigorously measured on the basis of knowledge of the subject matter, ability to identify with the contents, accuracy and adherence to the source text. Translation memories, glossaries and style guides are essential work tools and are tailored...

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Eutropian Translation

Indirect Statement Alternative Assignment Nomen: TRANSLATION – 50 points: You may use William Whitaker’s Words as a resource to help you with unknown vocabulary. Do NOT use Google Translate or any other online translator! Once translated, list the following information: 1. Head verb (identify tense) 2. Subject of the indirect speech (identify the case of this noun) 3. Verb in the indirect speech (identify the tense and voice of the infintive) EXAMPLE: Caesar dicit milites ad Galliam iter facere...

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Translation Study of Poetry translated from Chinese to English

A Comparative Study of English Translations of Tu Fu’s “Chūn Wàng” As Francis K. H. So says, “[w]hether or not a student of Chinese literature likes pathetic style, he has to know Tu Fu, whose seven-syllable verse perhaps reaches the acme of its kind in the golden age of poetry,” 1 translations of Tu Fu’s poetry could be more precise than others due to its popularity. Therefore, his five-character eight-line regulated verse “Chūn Wàng” would be discussed in the essay. There are four...

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Syllabus in Translation

II. COURSE TITLE : TRANSLATION & EDITING OF TEXT III. COURSE DESCRIPTION : This course is designed to acquaint the students with the theories and principles of translation and editing. It provides students opportunities to apply their knowledge in translation and editing. IV. COURSE UNITS : 3 units (3 hours per week) V. COURSE OBJECTIVES : A. General Objective At the end of the term, the students are expected to apply their knowledge and skills in doing translation work.. B. Specific...

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Critique: Schlegel’s & Günther’s Translations of “the Prologue” Romeo and Juliet – by William Shakespeare

This critique compares the original version of the prologue of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to two German translations written by August Wilhelm Schlegel (1979) and Frank Günther (1995). The prologue introduces the audience into the main storyline of the play and outlines that they will get to hear of the sad story of the heroes’ death-marked love, their parents’ ongoing rage and ultimately their tragic death. Shakespeare casts the prologue at the beginning of Romeo and Juliet in the...

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The Importance of Translation in International Business

The importance of translation in international business Hang Rong Contents Translation•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••3 International business••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••3 Translation in international business•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••3 Translators and interpreters••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••5 Finding the right translation service•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••6 Conclusions••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••6 ...

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History of Translation in Canada

The study of translation has been the center of attention of several scholars and schools of thought during the last three decades. Some terms related to the field of translation studies belong to a common language that it has been incorporated to the everyday language of translators; such as correctness, similarity, fidelity, original text, adaptation, equivalence, translation strategies, among others. However, most of the time these translations and equivalences express a connection between the...

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The History of Translation studies

1. Ideally it combines the history of translation theory with the study of literary and social trends in which translation has played a direct part. It is the story of interchange between languages and between cultures and as such has implications for the study of both language and culture. 2. Closely allied to literary history, translation history can describe changes in literary trends, account for the regeneration of a culture, trace changes in politics or ideology and explain the expansion and...

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Navigating the Global, Lost in Translation

Extension 1. Lost in Translation. Directed by Sophia Coppola in the form of a comic melodrama, Lost In Translation pursue’s a view that until recently, had been left unanswered in many films alike, however Lost In Translation takes a different pathway, apprehending the viewers attention via a clandestine interpretation of love. Bob (Bill Murray), the protagonist of Lost In Translation appears to be of a quite tedious nature at first. His film career has passed him by with his last major film...

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Term Paper on Translation

On the Translation of English Movie Titles I. Introduction Nowadays, more and more overseas movies are introduced to Chinese movie market. As movies play a significant role in culture communication, proper translation to overseas movies is very important. The title is a soul to a movie. The audiences read movie titles before they enjoy the movies. So good title translations can easily attract people’s attention. Therefore, how to translate the film titles well is an important course in movie translations...

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Translation Theory Revision

Translation Theory revision Translation – The process of translation between two different languages involves the translator changing an original text (the source text – ST) in the original verbal languages (the source languages – SL) in a different verbal language (the target language – TL) S. Bassnet def: Translation is rendering of a SL text into the TL so as to ensure that: 1) the surface meaning of the two will be approximately similar, and 2) the structures of the SL will e preserved as...

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Machine Translation

ABSTRACT Most research in Machine translation is about having the computers completely bear the load of translating one human language into another. This paper looks at the machine translation problem afresh and observes that there is a need to share the load between man and machine, distinguish ‘reliable’ knowledge from the ‘heuristics’, provide a spectrum of outputs to serve different strata of people, and finally make use of existing resources instead of reinventing the wheel. This paper describes...

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Domestication and Foreignization in Translation

Introduction Translation does not only involve giving the equivalent meaning in the Target Language (TL), rather it involves considering the values of the TL and the Source Language (SL) whether they are linguistic values or cultural ones. Some translators prefer changing the SL values and making them readable for the TL audience. This is termed Domestication. Others, on the other hand, prefer keeping the values of the SL and exposing audience to them. “Domesticating translation” and “foreignizing...

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Translation Studies Lecture 1

Lecture 1 Introduction: Translation and Translation Studies Translation and Translation Studies (Definition and a brief history of the discipline) Hermes the god of thieves and liars is also the god of translation. But he has so many other tasks as the god of roads, commerce, travel (these can be connected to translation) as well as arts, magic and crafts not talking about matrimonial matchmaking… A translator has, at least, as many tasks and roles when translating that I hope...

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The Translation of International Advertisements.Doc Uploaded Successfully

The Translation of International Advertisements: A Cross-cultural Perspective SHEN Yang * (College of Foreign Languages, Shaoxing University, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, 312000, China) Abstract: Culture plays a central role in international advertising. The translation should fulfill the function of the original advertisements and have a similar effect on the target receivers. This paper focuses on cultural factors in the process of translating international advertisements, based on which four translation...

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Two-Way Monologues an Examination of Keneally's the Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith Through Friel's Translations

Two-Way Monologues An examination of Keneally's The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith through Friel's Translations If medium is the message, as suggested by Marshall McLuhan, much can be said about the difference between a novel and a play. As he explains, the medium is an extension of human facility, "The wheel...is an extension of the foot. The book is an extension of the eye... Clothing, an extension of the skin..." (McLuhan). Thomas Keneally's novel The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith explains this phenomenon...

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How Culture Influences Advertisement Translation

How Culture Influences Advertisement Translation. Introduction In our everyday life, every time we watch television or while we are surfing the internet, advertising is behind the corner and sometimes we do not even realize we are listening to it. We are bombarded by slogans and catchy phrases that catch our attention and make us customers of the product advertised in a way that is not direct but instead hidden and implicit. Without being aware of it, we buy products because when shopping, something...

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Summary of Katharina Reiss’s Article About Text Types, Translation Types and Translation Assessment

Summary of Katharina Reiss’s Article about Text Types, Translation Types and Translation Assessment According to the classification of text types, the Reiss introduces an audio-media type to cover the rising of translation and separate this kind of translation besides sticking the conventional three based on Buhler’s functions of the linguistic sign. Furthermore, in her book (1976), Reiss shows the connection between three text types and various text varieties in the form of diagram and mentioned...

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Domestication and foreignization are strategies in translation, regarding the degree to which translators make a text conform to the target culture. Domestication is the strategy of making text closely conform to the culture of the language being translated to, which may involve the loss of information from the source text. Foreignization is the strategy of retaining information from the source text, and involves deliberately breaking the conventions of the target language to preserve its meaning...

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Commentory on translation Choisir une notion (foreignization) ? Explain and expand it Explain the key concepts Critics about Relate this approach to the translation task Seminar paper choisir un article qui parle de traduction resumez l’article et presentez les differents point critiques qui on été faites sur l’auteur critiques justifiés ou pas ? Domestication and Foreignization Theory Domestication and foreignization are two basic translation strategies which provide both...

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The Development of Machine Translation

The Development of Machine Translation Abstract The information age has promoted the development of machine translation, but also for its higher requirements. Machine translation in experienced "Loyalty" is not ideal. The article attempts to machine translation researchers mention that recommended that Context and culture.The Context consider contribute little strength of the study, with a view to the development of machine translation. Key words machine translation; comprehensibility; loyalty;...

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MEANING OF THE WORD ‘TRANSLATION’ FROM VARIOUS DICTIONARIES: ➢ Wikipedia: Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text. ➢ General Oxford Dictionary: Translation n 1 the act or an instance of translating. 2 a written or spoken expression of the meaning of a word, speech, book, etc. in another language. ➢ Dictionary of Translation Studies: Translation: An incredibly broad notion which can be understood...

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I. OUTLINE 1. Introduction a. Scope and importance of equivalence in translation b. Selection of sources c. Criteria of evaluating source d. Purpose: to compare and contrast the previous studies to get new findings 2. Body a. Key concepts: Definition equivalence b. Overview a. Characteristics of the themes b. Translation skills c. Factors (subjective/objective) c. Analyze a. Participants b. Similarities Review source A Review source B c. Differences (gaps/flaws) Review source...

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An Analysis of the Untranslatability of Language and Culture

Introduction The purpose of translation determines that the translator should objectively reflect the contents of source text during the process of information translation. The differences of languages make this task so challenging that the failure in translation appears in bilingual translation. The untranslatability of classical verse in the novel is analyzed in this paper from the perspective of linguistic and cultural untranslatability by taking several English translation versions for example. Some...

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The application of corpora in translation studies

corpora in translation, types of corpora and general application of different corpora in translation studies. 2.1 Why use corpora in translation studies According to Bowker and Pearson (2002:9), a corpus is “a large collection of authentic texts that have been gathered in electronic form according to a specific set of criteria”. (Bowker and Pearson 2002:9) and corpus research has greatly influenced the way we study and investigate translation a lot. The use of corpus in translation studies...

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job description

Operations Administrator - Translation About the Role As an Operations Administrator you will be actively and extensively involved in assisting the Operations team with supplier sourcing and communication. Your role will involve liaison with suppliers and also managing, meeting and exceeding expectations. Responsibilities Assisting the Operations team by sourcing new suppliers and liaising with existing suppliers supported and guided by the Translation Team Leader and Global Operations Director...

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Module 1 Sg

among the extant (existing and discovered) manuscripts of the Bible? • How do the transmission of the biblical text and the translation of the biblical text relate to one another?  How would you define and distinguish these terms? • What approach to translation does the textbook favor?  Does it favor a word-for-word translation, a thought-for-thought translation, or a compromise between the two? • To what does textual criticism refer in the field of biblical studies?  Is textual criticism...

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A Study on the Cultural Connotation of Chinese Dishes and Their Translation

LITERATURE REVIEW A Study on the Cultural Connotation of Chinese Dishes and Their Translation As the “Kingdom of Cuisine”, China is renowned for its unique dishes. Nowadays tasting Chinese dishes has become an important element for foreigners to know better about China. Although a lot of restaurants have their English versions of menus today, those translations are not so satisfying. It occurs too often that many foreigners feel confused while they are looking through the menus....

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Tok Language Essay

powerful than we think.” Evaluate the extent to which the characteristics Sartre claims for words affect negatively and positively different areas of knowledge. To what extent does the existence of different languages and the need for their translation create problems for the acquisition of knowledge? According to Sartre, words carry more power than we think and have the ability to betray their proper meanings. Words, or in a broader sense, language, is far more powerful than we give it credit...

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An Analysis to the Antigone Chorus. Analyzes the four sections: Strophe I, Antistrophe I, Strophe II, Antistrophe II and their purposes in the play.

inevitable destiny of death. In the five translations of the first choral ode composed by Fitts & Fitzgerald, Richard Emil Braun, H.D.F. Kitto, Elizabeth Wyckoff, and Paul Roche, there are nuances in such areas as format, language, and connotation in each of the translated Strophe IIs. The formats each of the five translations vary from one another. The organization of the strophe differs visually as well conceptually. In Fitts & Fitzgerald's translation, they chose to write the strophe in six lines...

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A Brief Account on Andre Lefevere’s Manipulation Theory

Lefevere’s Manipulation Theory Abstract: In 1990s,there was a wave breakthrough in translation theory made by Andre Lefevere and Susan Bassnett. They went beyond the word-to-word or text level in translation studies and developed it to culture studies, later termed by Mary Snell-Hornby as ‘cultural turn’. This article mainly deals with one kind of culture turn put forward by Andre Lefevere, that is, translation as rewriting.  中国论文网 http://www.xzbu.com/5/view-2131279.htm   Key Words: cultural turn;...

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Brenan Winters Dr. Cala A Zubair ENG 209 2, May, 2013 Fragments of Sappho While many translations of Sappho’s work have been elaborated upon, Anne Carson aims to put less of herself into her work so we get more Sappho! Anne Carson’s ‘If Not Winter’ depicts Sappho in her truest form. There is no flourishing to her texts, only careful incomplete translations that force the reader to imagine what the complete versions of the texts might have looked like. The empty space creates, although...

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Matsuo Basho Essay

from a technical or thematic point of view. The obvious obstacles in translating Haiku into English combined with cultural differences and linguistic eccentricities such as slang or puns, make the translation of haiku even more formidable than it would otherwise be. Settling on a single English translation of any particular haiku can prove troublesome; however, the brevity of the form, combined with its visceral impact -- when executed with skill -- allows for an impact of poetic vision which, while...

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Important of Dictionary

Reasons for using a dictionary A dictionary is a very important tool for anyone who is learning a new language. With a good dictionary you can do the following: look up the meaning of an English word you see or hear find the English translation of a word in your language check the spelling of a word check the plural of a noun or past tense of a verb find out other grammatical information about a word find the synonym or antonym of a word look up the collocations...

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Still Night by Li Bai

A Comparative Analysis on Five Versions Translations of “Still night thoughts” by Li Bai Abstract: Based on comparative analysis of 5 English versions of Li Bai’s “Still night thoughts”, the paper attempts to make a study of Chinese to English poetry translation. Since poetry is a special form of art in that poetry presents profound meaning and intensive emotions by means of various imageries and scrupulous selection of words, translators not only need to have a good command of both two languages...

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Omar Khayyam: The Enigma

Known today world wide, Khayyam's works would undoubtable be unheard of in modern day literature in they were not translated by English writer Edward FitzGerald. The paradox is that FitzGerald misinterpreted both Khayyam and his works in his translation to start an unending conflict1. FitzGerald added to his editions of the Rubaiyat a biographical sketch entitled "Omar Khayyam: The Astronomer Poet of Persia." In this he wrote his opinion that Khayyam was an anti-religious materialist who...

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