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From West Side Story to Spring Awakening: the Evolution of the American Musical

American Musical Broadway, also known as The Great White Way, no matter how you chose to describe it, they describe a place that for over one hundred years has put on the most spectacular musicals in the world. From Ancient Greece to the Globe Theatre and finally to Broadway, these places have all been known for being “the” place for plays and musicals. “Broadway is the street in New York that has come to symbolize live theater entertainment throughout the world” (Talkinbroadway.com). Over the...

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How John Godber Plays Have Affected the Image of the North

run down, unstable and dirty bus terminal lays a tiny theatre known all over the theatrical world. The theatre is the home of Hull Truck and the playwright that made this 300 capacity venue world famous goes by the name of John Godber. Godber is the son of a miner who was brought up in West Yorkshire. He started his working life as a teacher of drama at a secondary school. In 1984 he became the artistic director for the Hull Truck Theatre based in Spring Street near the centre of Hull. The play...

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Three Penny Opera

people were controlled by class and wealth. Both of which were perished by Hitler. As a director in order to elicit this to the audience I would undertake Brecht's important techniques and theories. One of Brecht's most influential theories in Epic theatre was that in a play, it should not cause the audience to emotionally identify with the action before them but should instead provoke rational self reflection and a critical view of the actions on stage. Brecht wanted to distance the audience from the...

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Religion in Asian Theatre

Religion in Asian Theatre From 350-1350 c.e. theatre began to die off in the western countries due to Christianity and the fall of Rome. At about this time, the performing arts began to emerge on the Eastern hemisphere. The creators of Asian theatre new nothing of the theatre in Rome or Greece so there was no influence during the fabrication of this new form of theatre. Eastern theatre is much more stylized in that they believe in “total theatre,” which is using every element of theatre be it music...

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Theatre spaces

Types of theater spaces Proscenium •Thrust stage• Theatre in the Round •Black Box Theater Proscenium •Theater space whose primary feature is a large frame or arch(called the proscenium arch even though it is frequently nota rounded archway at all),which is located at or near the front of the stage. •The audience directly faces the stage, which is typically raised several feet above front row audience level• Originally Roman Theater Thrust stage •Popular in the WestThrust Stage •Also known...

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Misjudging People In Richard III

important the audience may seem to her argument, though, she also insists, “Shakespeare deliberately alienates us from the action on stage, reminding us that we are, after all, simply an audience in a theatre” (263). Certainly Shakespeare is aware of audience and the role they play within the theatre, but I take issue with the idea he wrote Richard II as an exercise in isolating an audience from characters for the sake of reminding them of their lack of participation in the action. The fact that...

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Cabaret: Musical Analysis

Musicals” Web) was an immediate audience attention grabber for sure. South Pacific was the most popular show to come across Broadway at the time. Tickets were sold out for almost every show, every night. There would be so many attendees that the theatre turned into a standing room, for the auditorium did not have the seat capacity to accommodate all of the viewers. The show was also the winner of a Pulitzer Prize (1950) (Blum pg. 275), New York Drama Critics Circle Awards (1948), and won over nine...

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American Shakespeare Center Analysis

The American Shakespeare Center is a theatre troupe that attempts to very carefully emulate Shakespearean theatre and the conditions used by Shakespeare. As a troupe, they mimicked early modern English theatre quite well during their performance of Two Gentlemen of Verona. They employed the same staging, the same conditions (as much as possible with modern technology), used the same dialect and costume, scenery and set pieces were minimal, followed the original script well, included live music,...

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Aristotelian Theatre

ITS Fall 2011 Section 5 12/19/2011 Multiple Truths of the Theater For many people the theatre is merely a means of pure entertainment; its either a comedy, drama, love story, or tragedy that people are attracted to in the theater. Everyone in attendance finds some sort of connection with the events taking place on stage. The events of the stage are not solely just to connect but rather, I believe that there is a deeper, more truthful purpose. I strongly agree with Aristotle’s theory of tragedy...

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Hair: the Musical - Play Review

clever at times, it was also simpler at others, the original play writers wanted to send a clear message to the mass, instead of touching the individual. 'Hair' was a revolutionary musical when it debuted on Broadway: it rejected traditional theatre, and changed the view of American musical attendees forever. Because of its themes and rock music, 'Hair' was able to pave the way for other "out of the ordinary" musicals. Having never heard of 'Hair' before, I was captivated by the uniqueness of...

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