Drama and Jimmy Alison

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Drama is a unique tool to explore and express human feeling. Drama is a discrete skill in itself. Drama is also a tool which is flexible, versatile and applicable among all areas of the curriculum. A drama is a serious performance in a play, a movie, or a televised production. It is sometimes applied to real-life events that have a similar serious nature, such as a trial or a disaster. Drama assists in the development

the use of imagination,
powers of creative self expression,
decision making and problem solving skills,
and understanding of self and the world,
self confidence, asense of worth and respect and consideration for others. The enactment of real and imagined events through role-play, play making and performances, enabling individuals and groups to explore, shape and represent ideas, feelings and their consequences in symbolic or dramatic form.

History Of English Drama

Drama is a literary composition, which is performed by professional actors on stage (or theatre), before an audience. It involves conflicts, actions and a particular theme. Although the art form exists in different countries, drama in England deserves special mention, because some of the legendary dramatists, including William Shakespeare, are associated with it. Origin Of English Drama

The Romans introduced drama to England, during the medieval period. The artists moved from town to town, to perform these folk tales. They were given money and hospitality, in return for their performance. The mystery and morality plays, performed during medieval period - at religious festivals, carried the Christian theme.

The English Renaissance, a cultural and artistic movement in England country that lasted from 16th to early-17th century, paved the way for the dominance of drama in the country. Queen Elizabeth I ruled during the period, when great poetry and drama were produced. The renowned playwrights of this time included William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, Ben Jonson and John Webster. The dramatists wrote plays based on themes like history, comedy and tragedy. While most of the playwrights specialized in only one of the themes, Shakespeare emerged as an artist who produced plays based on all the three themes.

Interregnum (1649-1660)
During the period of Interregnum, Interregnum means aperiod of time during which a country anorganization,etc. The Puritans closed English theatres for their own religious purposes and ideological reasons. However, the theatres in London were reopened soon after the 'Restoration of the Monarchy' in 1660. With the support of Prince Charles II, the theatres continued to flourish in the country. The topical writing of the dramatists and the introduction of professional female actors to drama (until then, all the female characters were played by men) gained the attention of the audience.

The Restoration gave rise to the inclusion of new genres in drama, such as heroism and Restoration comedy. George Etherege's 'The Man of Mode' (1676), William Wycherley's 'The Country Wife' (1676), Aphra Behn's 'The Rover' (1677) John Dryden's 'All for Love' (1677) and (Aureng-Zebe) (1675) and Thomas Otway's 'Venice Preserved' (1682) were some of the popular plays of the period. 18th Century

The Restoration comedy in England, which had started in the later half of the 17th century, faded away with the advent of the 18th century. Domestic tragedy and sentimental comedy became the new flavor of the period. Fair-booth burlesque and musical entertainment, which preceded the English music hall, flourished during the period, suppressing the popularity of legitimate English drama.

Victorian Era (1837-1901)
Musical burlesques and comic operas competed with the plays written by Shakespeare, during the Victorian Era. The late Victorian Era saw the growing fame of W. S. Gilbert and Oscar Wilde, leading poets and dramatists of the period. The plays written by Wilde had...
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