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The Body Shop International An Introduction To Financial Modeling

History of The Body Shop International In the early to mid 90's, the revenue growth for The Body Shop was at least 20% each year. The Body Shop was able to grow at a fast pace early in the decade because of the lack of competition. Over the course of the decade, competition grew fierce, and, by the end of the decade, revenue growth fell to 8%. Another reason for the slow growth in the late 90's was the over expansion in the previous years. The Body Shop was in almost every mall in America (and...

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The Body Shop International Case Study

The Body Shop International Case Study 1. The assumptions that were used to derive the numbers in this forecast were found by taking the averages of the historical data that was given for 1999-2001. Instead of using the assumptions that were given by The Body Shop, I thought it would be more practical to use the trends shown in the historical data since that is more relevant to what might happen, rather than what The Body Shop wants to see happen. Of course it is possible to take reducing...

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Body Shop International Plc 2001 Case Study

The Body Shop International PLC 2001: An Introduction to Financial Modeling The following graph presents the forecast for the Body Shop’s income statement and balance sheet in 2002 to 2004: How did you derive your forecast? Why did you choose the “base case” assumptions that you did? The forecast takes into considerations the stated business objectives of the Body Shop as well as trends or patterns in the historical financial statement in exhibit 8. Further information on the calculations and...

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Body Shop

Anita Roddick, OBE, and The body Shop International Plc FEDBACK FOR QUESTION WEEK 3 for week commencing 19.03.12 1. Evaluate the Financial Position of the Company (at the time of the case study) and comment upon the apparent success or otherwise of its strategy, based on your findings. Introduction We may consider a company’s strategy from a number of aspects, but generally we are interested in answering the question: How well is the company’s present strategy working? To understand and...

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Body Shop International

years forecast for The Body Shop International; it consists of three main objectives: • To enhance The Body Shop brand through a focused product strategy and increased investments in stores; • To achieve operational efficiencies in the supply chain by reducing product and inventory costs; • To reinforce the stakeholders culture. We extrapolate each account using the percentage of sales of year 2001 to have a first look on the evolution of the financial statements regarding...

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The Body Shop Introduction

Introduction The beauty industry has been a multi-billion dollar industry over the past few decades. Despite the current economic state the industry has averaged a growth rate of 5%. The industry of “green” beauty products began over 30 years ago. People started seeing what the harmful chemicals in products were doing harm not only to their skin and hair but the environment they lived in. As environmental awareness grows so will the demand for organic and environmentally friendly products....

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The Body Shop International: an Introduction to Financial Modeling

The body Shop Case study Question 1: Base Case Assumptions In order to derive this forecast, ‘percent-of-sales’ forecasting was used, which involves initially forecasting sales and then forecasting other financial statement accounts based on their direct relationship with sales. This method of forecasting was used due to the lack of information available (only the last three years of financial statements). As a result, every account in the pro forma financial statements are based on one or more...

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Swot Analysis of Body Shop

SWOT Analysis of Body Shop’s retail outlet in Canada Water By Alexandros Georgakakos Executive summary Body Shop International (Body Shop) is a multinational company which is mainly producing ecological skin and hair products. Their products are solely based on natural ingredients and manufactured according to an ethical code which is opposed to animal testing. The cosmetics franchise is considered to be one of the biggest around the globe with a well established reputation in 54 countries....

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The Body Shop International PLC 2001

Executive Summary The Body Shop International PLC was once one of the fastest growing manufacturer-retailers, but in a decade’s time their revenue growth slowed from 20% to nearly 8%. These types of results were not uncommon in companies who are experiencing rapid growth but this was a dramatic decrease and, needless to say, a wake up call to management. Competition was increasing and The Body Shop had failed to establish a brand presence during its expansion. Anita Roddick, founder and CEO, attempted...

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Body Shop

Description The Body Shop International power-line-carrier (The Body Shop) is founded by Dame Anita Roddick in the United Kingdom in 1976. Nowadays, The Body Shop is skin, body, and hair care cosmetics manufacturer and retailer operating in 61 countries with over 2,500 stores. What made the Body Shop so prominent? There are a few factors which made TBS so huge .One of the factor is that TBS has always stick to a motto which is ‘Know your mind, love your body (source: The Body Shop) . Besides that...

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