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Actuarial Science

history captivating, and so, I applied to study in the UK. I do not foresee a problem with language as I receive education with the English language as the medium, and I have passed the GCE O? level English examination. I choose to study Actuarial Science as I plan and desire to be an actuary. Furthermore, I believe that I can excel in this area of studies as well as in this profession. Mathematics has always been one of my strongest and favourite subjects, and I have attained consistent good...

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Acturial Science - 1

Actuarial science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in the insurance and finance industries. Actuariesare professionals who are qualified in this field through education and experience. In many countries, actuaries must demonstrate their competence by passing a series of rigorous professional examinations. Actuarial science includes a number of interrelating subjects, including probability, mathematics, statistics, finance, economics, financial economics...

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Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science applies mathematical, statistical, financial an economic theory to solve real problems arising in applied subjects such as commerce, governments, insurance and banking, typically involving risk, uncertainty, and the financial impact of certain events. The BSc in Actuarial Science and Mathematics is accredited by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. The course gives a firm foundation in Mathematics, together with specialist course units in Actuarial Science whilst giving you...

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acturial science

CT4 - Models 2000 5000 5 CT5 - General Insurance, Life and Health Contingencies 2000 5000 6 CT6 - Statistical Methods 2000 5000 7 CT7 - Business Economics  2000 5000 8 CT8 - Financial Economics 2000 5000 9 CA1 - Actuarial Risk Management 6000 15000 Specialist Technical Stage (ST) 10 ST1 - Health and Care Insurance 3200 8000 11 ST2 - Life Insurance 3200 8000 12 ST4 - Pension and Other Employee Benefits 3200 8000 13 ST5 - Finance...

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Actuarial Science. Project

used as the bases for calculating estimated insurance premiums or monthly retirement annuities. When used by expert witnesses, actuarial tables are acceptable evidence to show life expectancy. Juries may award damages(money) to plaintiffs (person who is suing the defendant) for compromised life expectancy resulting from the alleged crime of the defendant. An actuarial valuation is a type of appraisal (official valuation) which requires making economic and demographic (structure of population)...

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Sample Personal Statement

logical disposition. It seems fitting then, that the subject has continued to enthral me over all these years, particularly as I learnt to appreciate its growing practical relevance and universal applicability. I have decided to pursue a career in Actuarial Sciences to utilize my knowledge in the field of Mathematics. I have found probability and statistics to be my areas of core interest; the ability to analyse information and predict the possibility of an occurrence being the most fascinating aspect...

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Actuaries and Physical Therapists

papers in total. After passing all nine of the exams, they will achieve associateship. In actuarial science, we will have the opportunity to work as an actuary while completing the examination process. Employers often allow study time during working hours, pay exam fees, and provide internships. Many companies which employ actuaries have automatic pay raises or promotions when exams are passed. As a result, actuarial students have strong incentives to study for exams during off-work hours. Though, to...

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Recommended Course Selection for Asper Actuarial Major Students Admitted in September 2011 and Thereafter This document contains specific courses that are recommended for Actuarial Major students that fulfil the Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree requirements. For the list of general B. Comm. (Hons) requirements please see the Degree Requirements section of the Undergraduate Programs website. Notes: • • • • 1) 120 credit hours in total 2) (f) 21 credit hours of “foundation” courses 3)...

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Prospect Educational Plan in Crisis

PHP35,000 that a customer paid in, only PHP15,000-20,000 actually went into the “trust fund” that had to grow to pay off the future tuition fees. Prospect Educational Plan sold open-ended educational plans, and that the rise in fees distorted the actuarial assumptions. Holders of this type of plan can go to the most expensive schools but they pay a higher premium. There are two kinds of Prospect Educational Plan educational plan holders: those who are already getting paid for tuition and those who...

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Industrial Attachment Report

DEDAN KIMATHI UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY COURSE: BSC IN ACTUARIAL SCIENCE NAMES: FRANCISCO MUKHULA MULONGO INDUSTRIAL ATTACHMENT ORGANISATION: NHIF INTENT Attachment report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science DURATION: 12 WEEKS COMMENCING DATE: 21/01/2013 ENDING DATE: 12/04/2013 ABSTRACT This report is a summary of activities covered during my industrial...

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