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  • A World Without Tesla

    home. Nikola Tesla is the single person responsible for giving this ability to the common world. Without Nikola Tesla‚ the world would be very different due to his inventions. His contributions pushed the world forward because of his alternating current‚ his wireless‚ and his energy related inventions. Nikola Tesla is not very well known for most of his inventions‚ even though most modern people use them everyday without even knowing. The world would be different without Nikola Tesla‚ because had

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  • Nikola Tesla Biography

    Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor and electrical engineer who contributed to the American society through power sources. Nikola Tesla was an individual of change because he made the Alternating current power generator which we use today‚ and left an age of new possibilities‚ power‚ and energy sources. At this time Tesla was competing with edison‚ Thomas Alva Edison was an American inventor and businessman‚ who has been described as America’s greatest inventor. Tesla leaves many legacies

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  • The Tesla Model S: Newest Zero-Emission Product

    The Tesla Model S BA 317 Group 10 William Aksnes-Shanks Dana Nicholson JR Maffie Megan Petrusich Hannah Alley 1. Purpose/Introduction The environment has been in turmoil and the changing global climate has been a political topic in recent years. A major contributor to the changing environment is fuel emissions from personal vehicles. With millions of tons of car emissions being released into the atmosphere‚ it is obvious that the industry needs to make a change. Many car manufacturers have

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  • Tesla vs. Edison

    Tesla vs. Edison: The Struggle between Innovation and Enterprise Both Nikola Tesla and Thomas Alva were undoubtedly two of the most influential individuals of the current industrial world. Their works and discoveries brought about significant advances in science as well as their availability to numerous people throughout the world. In popular culture‚ Tesla is well known for his creation of the polyphase alternating current energy (AC) transmission system while Edison is famous for his light

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  • tesla

    US Automakers See Attractively Deep Value in GM As We Roll Out 2016 Estimates for US Automakers; Like Ford; Cautious on TSLA We introduce our 2016 estimates and roll-forward valuation for GM and Ford‚ finding +50% upside in the case of General Motors and +32% in the case of Ford. Our established 2015 price targets increase on newly considered 2016 earnings rather than 2015 in our valuation analysis and on capital structure roll-forward as the firms generate sizable cash flow. 2016 earnings

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  • TESLA MODEL S Article

    TESLA MODEL S ACHIEVES HIGHEST SAFETY RATING OF ANY CAR TESTED. MONDAY‚ AUGUST 19‚ 2013 -Palo Alto‚ CA. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has awarded the Tesla Model S a 5 star rating in every subcategory without exception. Only one percent of all cards tested by the federal government have gotten 5 starts in every subcategory‚ of all vehicles tested‚ including every model approved for sale in the U.S‚ The Model S sets a new record for least chance of injury to passengers. The

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  • Nikola Tesla Accomplishments

    Nikola Tesla was an entrepreneur and trail blazer in the electrical science and industry. His invention of the Alternative Current‚ more commonly known today as A/C‚ changed the course of history for the entire world. Tesla was not recognized in his time for making his mark on the world as he did‚ but today he is revered as one of the pioneers in his field. This man has made such a huge impact that he has been called one of the Great Progressive People. And his title is well deserved. Alternative

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  • Tesla Final Paper

    Tesla Final Paper (Edited).docx1/ 4 Tesla’s mass-market ambitions on charge SummaryThis article discusses the different aspects of Tesla’s rise to prominence and the electric car manufacturer’s strategies for maintaining its status. This profile of Tesla’s roots and its prospects for the future touch on the following topics: niche market competition; financial obstacles in the past‚ present and future; and production techniques.I. Product DifferentiationIn this section‚ product differentiation‚ which

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  • Edison and Tesla Essay

    Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla Both men were great inventors of their time and made many inventions. Tesla made the first AC motors and Edison made the first DC motors. Edison made the first incandescent light bulbs and Tesla made the first fluorescent light bulbs. Both men lived well past their 80’s. What many people didn’t know is that they were rivals. Edison had a rival in the race to develop electricity. His name was George Westinghouse‚ and he was very interested in alternating current

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  • Biography of Nikola Tesla

    BIOGRAPHY OF NIKOLA TESLA 1994 Brotherhood of Life‚ Inc.‚ 110 Dartmouth‚ SE‚ Albuquerque‚ New Mexico 87106 USA "SPECTACULAR" is a mild word for describing the strange experiment with life that comprises the story of Nikola Tesla‚ and "amazing" fails to do adequate justice to the results that burst from his experiences like an exploding rocket. It is the story of the dazzling scintillations of a superman who created a new world; it is a story that condemns woman as an anchor of the flesh which

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