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  • Nikola Tesla

    "Were we to seize and eliminate from our industrial world the results of Mr. Tesla ’s work‚ the wheels of industry would cease to turn‚ our electric cars and trains would stop‚ our towns would be dark‚ our mills would be dead and idle. Yes‚ so far reaching is his work that it has become the warp and woof of industry... His name marks an epoch in the advance of electrical science. From that work has sprung a revolution..." -B.A. Behrend If you were to go to an encyclopedia and tried to find

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  • Tesla Case Stydy

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Tesla Motors is one of the leading producers of electric cars and electric powertrains in the world. Founded in 2003 and based out of Palo Alto‚ California‚ Tesla is currently in 37 countries worldwide. Tesla currently produces 3 models‚ the Roadster‚ Model S‚ and the Model X. A primary issue Tesla faces is the steep prices of all three models. The least expensive model is the Tesla model S. It’s cheapest option begins at $57‚400. Many experts believe that for Tesla to be successful

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  • Nikola Tesla

    Ryan Gemmell ENG201 – 12pm Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943) Growing up in America‚ most children will learn about the history of electricity‚ telephones‚ engines‚ and other mechanical inventions. Almost everybody has heard of Benjamin Franklin and his discovery using lightening and a kite‚ Thomas Edison manufacturing the first plausible indoor light bulb‚ and other revolutionary discoveries. Unfortunately‚ here in the US‚ a Belgian mastermind that helped to shape the modern technological world is quite

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  • Tesla Case Study

    industry. This year‚ the global production of EV is predicted to rise by 67% (IHS‚ 2014). 1.1 Market Trends According to the Green Car Guide (2014)‚ top Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) models include the BMW I3‚ Renault Zoe‚ Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model S. In 2012‚ 90% of the EVs were present in the US (38%)‚ Asia (31%) and Europe (21%) (IEA‚ 2013; see figure 1 in appendix). Sales of BEVs are predicted to grow over the next decade‚ reaching a number of 3.8 million vehicles by 2020. This means

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  • Tesla and Gm Proposed Merger

    Redlands Capstone Paper General Motors and Tesla Merger Juan Carrillo‚ Shane Cheek‚ Jeffrey Haynes‚ and Peter Delacruz February 23‚ 2013 Dear Fellow Shareholders: A meeting of Shareholders is scheduled for Saturday‚ February 23‚ 2013. Enclosed is a copy of our proxy statement. At this meeting of shareholders‚ the Board of Directors will be seeking approval to acquire Tesla Motors. The Board of Directors believes that this merger will provide General Motors revenue‚ growth‚ and competitive

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  • Tesla 10K

    TESLA MOTORS INC FORMReport) 10-K (Annual Filed 03/07/13 for the Period Ending 12/31/12 Address Telephone CIK Symbol SIC Code Industry Sector Fiscal Year 3500 DEER CREEK RD PALO ALTO‚ CA 94070 650-681-5000 0001318605 TSLA 3711 - Motor Vehicles and Passenger Car Bodies Auto & Truck Manufacturers Consumer Cyclical 12/31 http://www.edgar-online.com © Copyright 2013‚ EDGAR Online‚ Inc. All Rights Reserved. Distribution and use of this document restricted under EDGAR Online

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  • Aspects Of Design Thinking By Tesla Inc.

    method based on systematic thinking‚ logic‚ imagination‚ ideas and intuition. It pursues on constructing on thoughts by exploring possibilities of "what if’s" to formulate a result that benefits the consumer. This essay is intended to look at how Tesla Inc. Company applies the five key elements of design thinking. The essay will analyze the company’s effectiveness in design thinking

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  • nikola tesla

    April 9‚ 2013 E Block The Madness Of Nikola Tesla ! In “Tesla Man Out Of Time” by Margaret Cheney‚ Nikola Tesla was personified as an erratic and eccentric innovator . Along with crazy electric experiments and bizarre OCD fits‚ Tesla did invent marvelous inventions. These include the radio‚ Tesla Coil‚ alternating current (AC)‚ X-rays‚ and arguably a death ray. The radio was not invented by Tesla‚ rather it was revolutionized by Tesla. In the late 19th century radios were almost like telegraphs

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  • Tesla Turbine

    451 Sr. Design Tesla Turbine | | MLP’s MARE 451 Sr. Design Tesla Turbine | Table of Contents Duties and responsibilities Page 3 Discussion of Tesla Turbine Page 4 Brian’s Responsibilities Page 7 Drag Force equations Page 7 Torque equations Page 9 Horsepower equations Page 10 Pump specifications Page 11 Pump equations Page 12 Bearing selections Page 15 Pro E Modeling Page 17 Tesla Turbine Results Page 25 End Remarks

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  • Marketing Creativity Holt Tesla Final

    Creativity for Management 3 Definition of creativity: 3 Comparative theories 4 Necessity and Creativity 4 Creativity and Genius 4 Chance and creativity 5 Observations 6 Conclusion: 6 CREATIVE SUCCESS IS THE RESULT NOT OF LUCK BUT OF PREPAREDNESS - The Tesla View 7 References 9 Introduction Creativity for Management Successful organizations have to be delivered new products and services to their customers in order to keep up with the times. Companies are required to display a creative outlook in their

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