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  • Drag on a Cylinder

    Drag on a cylinder ENME432L section 0101 Date of the Experiment: Feb. 21‚ 2012 Date submitted: Feb. 28‚ 2012 Instructor: Anilchandra Attaluri Prepared by: Ku Choe: ________ Dwight Hofstetter: _________ Aasam Tasaddaq: ________Kody Snow: ________ Benjamin DiDonato: _______ Lab report checklist: x Have you included the raw (handwritten) data sheet? x Have you included your pre-lab report which has been signed by your TA or instructor? x Have you typed the measured data and include

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  • Parasitic Drag

    ------------------------------------------------- Parasitic Drag/Skin Friction ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Parasitic drag is drag caused by moving a solid object through a fluid medium (in the case of aerodynamics‚ more specifically‚ a gaseous medium). Parasitic drag is made up of many components‚ the most prominent being form drag.Skin friction and interference drag are also major components of parasitic drag. -------------------------------------------------

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  • Drag Racing

    Introduction Drag racing‚ an acceleration contest from a standing start between two vehicles covering a measured distance‚ is probably as old as the automobile itself. As a legal and commercially organized sport‚ however‚ it began on Sunday‚ June 19‚ 1950. On that day at an airstrip near Santa Ana‚ California‚ C. J. Hart‚ originally of Findlay‚ Ohio‚ hosted with two partners the Santa Ana Drags. A year before that‚ in Goleta‚ California‚ a drag race was held on a closed-off section of road with approval of

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  • History of Drag Racing

    Drag Racing Rebeccah Morris Colorado Technical University Individual Project Phase 2 September 2‚ 2013 Abstract For this project I chose the sport of drag racing. I could have chosen one that is so familiar to everyone‚ but I don’t know a lot about those. Drag racing is a sport that my entire family enjoys and you would think that we would be NASCAR fans because of it‚ but we’re not. They are two totally different sports. There is nothing like standing at the starting line‚ feeling the rumble

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  • Drag Queen Intertextuality

    Introduction In this assignment‚ intertextuality will be employed to analyse drag performance and culture. Intertextuality was first introduced by the French semiotician Julia Kristeva in the late sixties‚ and describes how texts can be understood with references to other texts- often associated primarily with poststructuralist theories. Kristeva referred to texts in terms of two axes: a horizontal axis connecting the author and reader of a text‚ and a vertical axis‚ which connects the text to

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  • Sand Drag Racing

    Title: Unique Hobby: Sand Drag Racing Topic: Self Introduction Speech Specific Purpose: To inform listeners of my unique hobby and how it has affected my life. Thesis Statement: My hobby is sand drag racing and it has modeled many of my behaviors today. Introduction Attention Materials: My mother and father are past Grand National Champions in the sport. I have been racing since the age of 2. We travel all over the country to races. Major sponsors – Mercedes Benz USA‚ Fox Dealer Group

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  • Drag Racing Research Paper

    NHRA is the world’s leading legal drag race. This racing organization was founded by a man by the name Wally Parks back in 1951 in order to eradicate dangerous drivers from the roads and in the process it evolved to be a major entertainment scene. The fans get an opportunity to meet with the drivers‚ have a chat with them and get access to the machines and their modifications. The NHRA is held twice a year in Las Vegas that is during the spring and Nevada Day weekend. Children who are under the age

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  • Queer Theory: Rupaul's Drag Race

    Literature Review Queer Theory RuPaul’s Drag Race (RPDR) will be analyzed and interpreted alongside the application of Judith Butler’s queer theory in Gender Trouble (1999) and her essay “Performative Acts and Gender Constitution: An Essay in Phenomenology and Feminist Theory.” Butler’s ideology is reflected in RPDR and research has failed to interpret the show as a microcosm of a progressive society that accepts all genderqueer identities while repudiating gender roles. Her theory emphasizes the

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  • Consideration of the Basic Factors Affecting Road Vehicle Drag and Their Associated Affects

    Consideration of the basic factors affecting road vehicle drag and their associated affects 0718572 School of Engineering‚ University of Warwick Coventry‚ West Midlands‚ U.K Abstract: It is possible to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of road vehicles and reap many benefits. Fuel consumption being one of them‚ this report identifies how basic theoretical and experimental fluid mechanics can work in harmony to allow one to understand the key mechanisms that affect the aerodynamic properties

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  • Informative Essay On Paper Airplane

    aerodynamics‚ drag‚ shape‚ size‚ forces‚ and gravity. Drag is the force of flight that pushes an airplane opposite to the direction it is moving. The biggest types of drag are friction‚ when air rubs against the surface‚ and difference in air pressure. Think of a drag like swimming treading through the water you can’t move as fast as you can on land the reason for that being because the water is causing drag on your body. The planes shape‚ size‚ and speed also affect the amount of drag on an aircraft

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