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Gender Studies

Kira Obermeier Intro to Women's Studies December 15, 2005 Final Paper But Was She Really Lucky? "… but I had begun to notice that I was now on the other side of something they could not understand. I didn't understand it myself." And so begins the quest for reason and explanation in the case of Alice Sebold's rape. As she delves further and further into her story we can find many things discussed in the course of our semester in this class. Why was she raped? Why did her family and friends...

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Fight or die, it is a gender based right

Aaron Connell, Audry Camacho Kymberlee Morrison, Priscilla Avitia Ryan Liyanaralalage Professor Shiroma English 1C 21 October 2013 Fight or Die, Is it a Gender Based Right Even though the ban on women in combat has been officially lifted, it is still a very controversial topic. There still are many critics that disagree and argue that, women shouldn’t be allowed in combat. Also there are still a large number of restricted working fields in the military that are off limit to women. To...

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Women and Gender Studies

Women and gender studies contribute greatly to our understanding of the social and cultural world we inhabit. Studying the complex issues of this field has instituted many key insights. Two major insights that positively affected our society are the awareness through learning and through this awareness activism that can ensue. This course of women and gender studies, as would all courses, have produced awareness by coherently explaining the situations women are facing in the world today....

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Sexual Assualt in the Military

outside influence, much in the way that the catholic church functioned in the way it did, taking years before any substantive change took place. Supporters of this idea suggest, that the caustic relationship that exists in the military is the result of gender power relations that have existed since women first began serving in the military. Over the past several years, organizations have begun to surface to reassure victims of sexual assault in the military that they are not alone. For example, the Service...

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Should Women Be Allowed In Combat?

Women have always served but why not now? Men and Women are two different people. But in combat the need to be equal. Even though some men may be stronger than women, women can be strong. If they are equal in combat they’ll serve equally. The both genders will work together and accomplish things. Even men want to prove themselves. In one way or more women and men are equal in some way. “ Other than physical strength there a no militarily relevant differences between men and women.” (Frum, David) Even...

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Contemporary Gender study

The concept of Gender study has assumed an over whelming significance today, ranging from women’s studies, feminism, gender and political issues, men studies and also extending to women suffrage. The term Gender studies according to Wikipedia is a field of interdisciplinary study and academic field devoted to gender identity and gendered representation as central categories of analysis. The word Gender is important in the comprehension of the above definition. The word (Gender) deals with what...

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The question invites the writer to give a valid discussion towards the view that Gender and Development (GAD) initiatives are more desirable than Women in Development (WID) endeavours. The Gender and Development (GAD) approach was developed as a response to the failure of WID projects to effect qualitative and long-lasting changes in women’s social status. GAD focuses on social, economic, political and cultural forces that determine how men and women participate in, benefit from, and control project...

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Understanding Gender and Women’s Studies

1.1 Introduction Gender issues have been plaguing our society for several centuries. Discrimination against women exists in every area of life in varying degrees and forms. Women continue to suffer as the most disadvantaged group in spite of the efforts taken by the reformers and the Government. Hence, the concept of gender and Women’s Studies need to be understood to facilitate the process of women empowerment. 1.2 Gender Refers to the roles and responsibilities of men and women that are...

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Gender Inequality in Australia

Gender inequality has been ongoing debate in the workforce for years. Men have always been on the top with higher wages and positions while women are expected to be doing the unpaid domestic jobs. However, as a result of globalization there are more job opportunities for women, although men are still the dominant gender in the workforce. In this paper we will look at how three characters from John Wiseman’s ‘Barbie in a Borderless World? A Case Study’ has been affected due to globalization and their...

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Gender Performative

Judith Butler has advanced a notion of gender performativity in 1990 book Gender Truble. For Butler, she regards gender as a script that is a rehearsable act. Every human beings is actor that performing the script in the reality through repetition. Then it turns to perform in the mode of belief that everyone should act accordingly to those norms. Women keep on practicing what femininity is that culturally prescribed, men are masculine because they fulfill what the society think that is masculinity...

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