Aspects Of Design Thinking By Tesla Inc.

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Aspects of Design Thinking Paper

Aspects of Design Thinking Paper
Design thinking is a new model that business organizations are utilizing to find answers to complex issues to ensure that their customers and stakeholders are satisfied. This is a strategy for finding out new opportunities and solving problems. Design thinking is a method based on systematic thinking, logic, imagination, ideas and intuition. It pursues on constructing on thoughts by exploring possibilities of "what if's" to formulate a result that benefits the consumer. This essay is intended to look at how Tesla Inc. Company applies the five key elements of design thinking. The essay will analyze the company’s effectiveness in design thinking...

is a company that settles for the best solution for its customers. This is achieved through carrying out intensive market research on the tastes and preferences of customers. The company has identified its niche in the market which comprises of the high end consumers. It is not surprising why the company is the second electric car best seller in the world.
Tesla creates Prototypes of solutions at every stage of its production, and testing becomes more critical and intense as the product actualizes. Two dual motor all-wheel configuration of model S are part of the company’s innovation .the vehicles are always improved so as to enhance performance. There has been an addition of the 85D features of lofty effectiveness motor at the front and rear, giving the car unmatched control of grip in all circumstances. This is one of the best car models of the...

It helps the team to diagnose challenges the company is experiencing and come up with numerous ideas to solve problems. The company also needs to recognize that, balancing the feeling of safety with qualms and risks among the team members makes the same circumstances fun and exhilarating, and also it encourages innovation. Empathy is one of the most vital things in the design thinking process (Gharajedaghi, 2011). Since the challenges the company attempts to solve are not own emanating, the company must obtain empathy for what people do and how they cooperate with their environment. The company should focus on both the customers’ emotional and physical needs, and recognize the way they do things and why by employing various listening-based and observational research techniques. In order to obtain suppleness and work a company that has come of age with an entrepreneurial culture, Tesla needs foresight to help it open up to a future full of suspicions (Gharajedaghi, 2011). Foresight also encourages a corporate culture that is comfortable with unclear planning and insufficient information in the process of finding out and developing tangible solutions. Although the company should not be afraid of risks, design thinking more often, assist the company to find an avenue to curtail potential failures.
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