The Tesla Model S: Newest Zero-Emission Product

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The Tesla Model S

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1. Purpose/Introduction The environment has been in turmoil and the changing global climate has been a political topic in recent years. A major contributor to the changing environment is fuel emissions from personal vehicles. With millions of tons of car emissions being released into the atmosphere, it is obvious that the industry needs to make a change. Many car manufacturers have gone green and produce hybrid or alternative fuel-powered products. Tesla Motors takes the green movement in the personal transportation industry to a whole new level. The Model S is the newest zero-emission product in Tesla’s line. The goal behind all Tesla products is to provide customers with the luxury they desire from any other vehicle while still being socially and environmentally responsible. The preceding marketing plan will provide a situational analysis, product and target market descriptions, marketing objectives, marketing strategy and financial data projections. The goal is to bring awareness and increase market share not only to the Tesla brand but to the Model S specifically. 2. Company Description Silicon Valley based Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers with a desire to develop an appealing fully electric vehicle. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and just acquired an out-of-business General Motors manufacturing warehouse in Fremont, California. The new warehouse is designed to house a more efficient production process dedicated to the Model S. Tesla’s first product, the Roadster, was released in 2008 and has sold more than 1,500 products in more than 30 countries. Tesla is a vertical manufacturer, meaning that they manufacture and sell directly to end-users via company owned showrooms and website. The company sees itself as a catalyst in the personal transportation industry by

demonstrating the market demand for luxury zero-emission vehicles and selling its patented technology to other automakers to kick start their product lines. Tesla is extremely dedicated to the advancement of electric technology to keep our atmosphere clean.

3. Strategic Focus/Plan Mission/Vision Tesla’s ultimate mission is to increase the number and variety of electric vehicles on the roads. More specifically, Tesla strives to bring customers that want a sustainable car without sacrificing the luxury they desire. Tesla refuses to accept that customers need to sacrifice their physiological needs for functional needs. Tesla believes that through the innovation of the personal transportation industry to include sustainable technology we can maintain our environment for a much longer time.

Tesla Motors strives to bring its customers the premium driving experience they crave while still providing a socially responsible product. Through innovation of technology, design and safety we work to broaden the number and variety of zero-emission vehicles on International roads.

Corporate Goals As a startup company we face some challenges when it comes to increasing brand awareness and strong market share. Our ultimate goals are the following: • • Increase brand awareness Strengthen market share

According to the Familiarity Mix, we should have a fairly difficult time achieving these goals because we are implementing a new technology in a segmented target audience. There is a broad market we are targeting, but we are specifically targeting a segment within that market. We feel that since there is a strong demand for environmentally friendly products that our new technology will fit nicely with the existing market to increase our market share.

4. Situational Analysis SWOT and Core Competencies Strengths With the release of the Roadster in 2008, also came the first federally compliant highway capable electric vehicle. This breakthrough ensured that Tesla would be the name that brought the world its...

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