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  • The Secondary Education in Britain

    The Secondary Education in Britain Introduction The United Kingdom has a completely world-leading education system. The education in the United Kingdom has hundreds years of history‚ which is quite perfect and complex‚ and also has a very large flexibility. It is quite different from the education in China. Overall‚ the education in the UK is divided into three parts: primary educationsecondary education and tertiary education. The secondary education in the UK and China The difference

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  • Secondary Education and Black Ball Pen

    NARSEE MONJEE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND ECONOMICS VILE PARLE (WEST) H.S.C BOARD ONLINE FORM FILLING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Download the Blank Form from www.nmcollege.in News Bulletin: H.S.C BOARD FORM FILLING SCHEDULE. 2. Fill the Form with black ball pen without any cancellations. 3. Please see the sample form before you start filling the form. 4. Scan I Card size (4.5cm*3.5cm) black and white photo with white background and your signature and mail it to your own email id or carry it on your pen

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  • secondary education

    Secondary Education A secondary school teacher at a public school must be licensed with a bachelor’s degree and by completing an approved teacher education program. Secondary school teachers at private schools do not need to be licensed but are required to have a bachelor’s degree to teach. For hard to fill positions‚ some states offer alternative licensing programs to secondary school teachers. Understanding a student’s needs‚ the ability to motivate them and communicate well‚ are important qualifications

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  • Free Post-Secondary Education

    In recent years‚ it was commonplace for teenagers to follow post-secondary education in Canada. It is because people know that education is very vital. Moreover‚ times have changed. So‚ if some students just only graduated from secondary school‚ they are not able to face a lot of different job demands in the future. However‚ the cost of post-secondary education is a major barrier to young people.  Large debts have become common-place for graduates‚ putting barriers up where‚ instead‚ encouragement

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  • Philippine Secondary Education Curriculum

    Reigeluth‚1994; Banathy‚1992). In order to realize these goals‚ secondary education schools need to adopt a new paradigm that embeds learning within real world contexts and that involves students in hands-on activities that promote meaningful problem solving and cognitive apprenticeship (Jonassen‚1991). The Philippines‚ classified as a developing country and grouped in the East Asian region‚ needs to establish a system of mass secondary education: (a) that responsive to the country’s socio economic needs

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  • Stages of Education: Secondary School

    The term secondary school refers to the levels of schooling that follow elementary school and conclude with high school graduation. Typically‚ these include middle schools or junior high schools‚ the most common configuration of which is grades six through eight‚ and high schools‚ the most common configuration of which is grades nine through twelve. The 1983 release of the National Commission on Excellence in Education document A Nation at Risk focused national attention on the need for school reform

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  • Post-Secondary Education is Important

    graduating from a well-known‚ reputable‚ university is more fulfilling than winning a lottery because‚ in the latter‚ the prize money will eventually be depleted and the chances of earning or winning another lottery are slim. In contrast‚ post-secondary education is not a waste of time and money because going to university or college would mean acquiring more knowledge in specific subjects‚ achieving the goal of completing a degree‚ and increase the likelihood of attaining skills to apply in everyday

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  • The Path from Secondary to Post Secondary Education

    The Path from Secondary to Post Secondary Education Transition How does a high school student know that he or she is ready to enter college? How do parents know their children are academically‚ mentally and emotionally ready for this transition? It is a question that has no definitive answer but does however have a basic theory that can’t be ignored. Preparing our children to enter college and to determine their career path can be a daunting task. The transition for students from high school

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  • Quality Education in Secondary Schools in Tanzania

    SCIENCES DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION FOUNDATIONS AND TEACHING MANAGEMENT TITTLE: ASSESSMENT OF FACTORS THAT DETERMINE STANDERD AND QUALITY OF EDUCATION IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS A CASE OF AIRPORT SECONDARY SCHOOL IN MBEYA REGIONAL. BY MALAMBUGI‚ ANDREW .N. Teaching practice observational report‚ Submitted to the department of Education Foundations and Teaching Management in partial Fulfill of the requirement for the Completion of first year of the Bachelor degree of Education in Economics and Mathematics

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  • Historical Overview of Secondary Education in Dominica

    Chapter 2: Historical Overview of Secondary Education in Dominica The Negro Education Grant (NEG) and the Problem of Establishing Popular Education From 1834‚ the year of emancipation of slaves in Dominica and the other British West Indian colonies to 1845‚ the popular education that was existent was really religious education. The concept of a state system of education in the West Indies emerged in Britain in 1833 as part of the act to emancipate slaves in British custody. Prior

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